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Inline Water Filter
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Inline Water Filter

Water is something that most of us take for granted as it's readily available and necessary for life. However, what most people don't realize is that what's inside the water we use can harm us in many ways. As much as this article will focus on the benefits inline water filters, I'd be remiss to not at least touch on the reasons for the need.

Why water quality is so importnt

The EPA and the CDC both place safe water in their top 10 health concerns. With everything from chemical leaks, waste and runoff from factories, waste from us and our pets, pesticides, bacteria, lead in pipes, pharmaceuticals, and the list can go on and on; it's no wonder that we have water issues. We also have additives that may benefit us in some ways but harm us in other ways that are intentionally added to our water supply.

Perhaps you're already aware of this issue and recognize the need to protect yourself and your family. Do you drink bottled water? Do you own one of those little faucet filters or a pitcher that filters your water for drinking? If so, you obviously have a concern about the quality of the water that you consume but more than likely you're barely tipping the iceberg as you may be falling short on providing your family with the safe water that we all need.

Our water comes from reservoirs and wells.

Most of the water in this country (about 85%) is from public sources while the balance comes from private wells. Although the EPA currently regulates 91 different contaminants in our water, there are over 6,000 different things making our water unpure! I laughed many years ago when I first got the annual water report mailed to me by the town that I live in. I mean why should any level of toxic chemicals be acceptable? In addition, the chlorine and other additives can wreak havoc with our health. The EPA site provides more details on the state of our water.

Why not just buy bottled water?

As there is a huge range of the quality of bottled water out there, I can't condemn the entire industry other than the fact of how expensive it is. Many brands have even been tested as inferior quality tap water while others are just filtered. Aside from the profit at various levels of distribution, advertising and packaging bring the cost to crazy levels - considering it's water. Meanwhile, it's a rarity to get actual spring water in a bottle and even when you do, I doubt that you use it to cook and bathe with.

The benefits of filtering your own water are enormous and money saving.

First of all you know what your drinking and cooking with instead of trusting what you're paying through the nose for. Filtering your own water with a top of the line filter costs only about 10 cents per gallon and is likely going to provide much better quality water than a bottle of some branded product. There are also many additional advantages to cleaning up all the water used in your home and only inline filtering can accomplish that.

How do I filter water?

Inline filters get installed in the water line - literally. Someone with basic plumbing skills can install a whole house inline filter but even if you need to pay a plumber for this one-time installation, it's well worth it. The periodic changing of filter cartridges is something that anyone can do. As there are so many things that can be filtered out, there are so many different filter cartridges available.

Rust and sediment filtering will always be done in whole-house filtering as they are relatively large particles and are easily removed. More advanced filtration using things like activated charcoal or carbon are necessary to get out all the real bad stuff and there are so many options out there. It's easy to want to install multiple filters to be effective on a variety of contaminants but a high quality inline water filter with multiple stages is a more practical idea and a more economical approach. My favorite whole house water filter customizes the filtration elements to match the specific contaminants in you water in addition to having a sediment filter. The products from this company have also earned them awards with Health Magazine and Consumer Magazine.

Easy way to protect your family

Another option would be to filter at the point of use. A filter at the kitchen sink for drinking and cooking, a filter on the icemaker of your refrigerator and a filter on your showerheads. Oh yea, showering with chlorinated water isn't exactly healthy for you. Not only do your skin pores absorb the chlorine, but chlorine dulls the hair and creates split ends. Conditioners are also less effective when used on chlorinated hair.

There are many shortcomings of many of the point of use filters on the market. Poor results from tiny filter elements, sediment clogging and inferior filtration media are usually the culprits. As water filtering is a $2.5 billion industry, many products exist that just don't cut it. As a proponent and user of water filters for over 25 years, I've had my share of negative experiences which forced me to conduct lots of research. Today, I'm very pleased with the products built by one company as water filtration is all they do and their expertise shows. In addition to providing the most complete filtration, they think of the details that other companies don't. For instance; with a shower filter installed, the resulting showerhead height is usually too low for comfort but the the unique design of the their inline shower water filter prevents this problem. All of these products are currently available at discounts up to 50% and free shipping.

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