Slow Food Movement In India
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Slow Food Movement In India

The slow food movement is nothing new to India. It aims at preserving traditional and cultural practices. These are already ingrained in every aspect of our daily lives. Locally produced foods, local businesses and local consumption of produce - this was the way we have lived for many thousands of years.

Commercialisation has stripped our food of its nutritive and medicinal properties. The green revolution has given us white rice, hybridised wheat, milk laced with antibiotics, poisoned fruits and vegetables, hybridised produce that lacks the nutrition of naati varieties, tea and coffee, herbs that don't work as well they used to...

Speaking of processed food, the food we eat at home is processed food. Not many realise that an idli made from white rice is worse than even white bread. Coconut burfi with sugar is as bad as ice cream. This is must change.

The only way to reverse it is to go back to our roots. We still have a chance if we act now. All we need to do is ask our grandparents what they did in their childhood, and we'll be able to understand the immense magnitude of lifestyle change we have undergone - and how badly our health is affected because of that. The Slow Food movement can be a major step towards reversing the lifestyle disease epidemic looming large in India, and lifestyle clinics like ours are aimed towards exactly this.

Unfortunately, today, for most people, medicine has become food. Whether or not they eat a meal, they make sure to eat their 10 medications every day.

Health was incorporated in our traditional lifestyle, including food. Nearly everything that was eaten two generations back and the way it was eaten was aimed towards health. Today, there are mistakes being committed everywhere from the farm to the dining table that give us disease.

Here's a brief overview of these changes:


1. Natural Farming to chemical farming

2. Freshly plucked fruits and vegetables to old, stored fruits and vegetables

3. Groceries only 3 months old to Groceries more than 6 months old

4. Naati varieties to hybrid and GM varieties

5. Multiple varieties to mono variety (ex: sona masoori rice)

6. Naati breeds of animals, grown with love, fed natural diets in their natural environments; to hybrid breeds of animals, grown in cages, fed processed food.


1. Hand pound rice to white rice

2. Unrefined, cold pressed nut oils to refined vegetable oils, industrial waste oils and animal fats.

3. Forest honey to high fructose corn syrup

4. Unrefined jaggery to sulphurised white sugar

5. Fresh fruits to packaged juices, preserves and candies.


1. Locally grown food to imported food

2. Seasonal food to non-seasonal, preserved, artificially ripened food.


1. Water-based cooking to oil-based cooking

2. Slow cooking to fast cooking - microwave, induction, pressure cooker, etc

3. Clay, copper and iron vessels to Aluminium, non-stick vessels

4. Huge diversity of ingredients to diversity of dishes with limited ingredients

5. Serving food within 3 hours of cooking, to overnight refrigeration.

6. Cooking animal foods once a week or on special occasions, to cooking animal foods every day


1. Food eaten in the order of fruits > cooked vegetables > cooked cereals to eating it all mixed and eating fruits for dessert.

2. Eating with hunger, to eating without hunger & overeating

3. Oota/Khana to Nashtha/Thindi - two meals a day, to 3 or more meals a day

4. Eating breakfast rarely, to eating heavy breakfast daily

5. Mindful eating after washing face, hands & legs, to rushed, mindless eating

6. Eating seated silently on the floor, to eating while walking or driving in a noisy place.

We can't completely avoid the unhealthy food but even being well aware of what we are eating can help a lot in our well being. While there are professionals to help you out, it's best to educate ourselves on these issues so that we can spread the awareness among others as well.

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