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Symptoms Of Sunstroke
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Sunstrole communally called heat stroke occurs when the human body is overexposed to an intense spectrum of sun's rays which causing the malfunction of body's tempetrature regulation system, resulting in the occuring some disorders on the body's physilologie, people located at the confine closed space may also be subject to sunstroke.

How sunstroke is manifested through all the part's human body? Heat's stroke symptoms are differents from one person to other according to the body's ummunity system. Not all people react instantly as the same manner to sunstroke. The sufferer hitten by heatstroke at first stade, he loses some water present in his body leading to the stop of sweating.Consequently, the heart disturbed and not alimented normally on oxygen transported by water, starts breathing enough rapid and physically signed by a fast breathing ,as the same the brain not alimented by a relevant amount of oxygen,causing a disconnection of mental's human body from the reality.

One person walking for longer hours under the extreme concentred sun's rays like in SAHARA could be be easily subject to sunstroke which affect his balanced mental state .The symptoms are incoherent behavior leading in critic situation to hallucinations and physically to a rise temperature from the normal, accompagnied by convulsions, inintelligible verbiage context.

There is a varity of sunstroke symptoms identified and located specifically in skin body which becomes under the effects of heat stroke dry, hot redned with an abnormal high temperature and also both sweating and breathing do not work as they were regularly done for the stabilisation of the health body.

The geographical site is the catalyst that allows sunstroke grab the human's breathing apparatus and his mental's faculties.Heat stroke hitting summer visitors is not as larger impact as this occured in desert.

The first causes symptoms like red skin,fever ,complications in breathing while the second may seriously damage the life mental abilties to the sunstroker and desoriente his normal commun imagination.

In case these sides effects of heatstroke occur, the prerequisite measures that should be followed for curing the affected subjet ,are the cooling body's temperature through the exposure to ventilation and spraying his body with cool water particularly the head for the purpose to fall down the blood's temperature,situation where the breath's body state will stabilize at its normal regulated functioning in regard to maintain healthy body.

However,some heatstroke consequences could create serious seconday effects for along time till one year, where the brain, the nervous system,the blood, the lungs could experience respectivelly disturbances, disorders and inflammation.

The best prevention for evoiding heatstoke and others complications,is to walk or work under covered and shaded space along with drinking sufficient amount of water that let keeping the body properly hydrated.

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