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These Sunny Days Are Great Aren't They?
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These Sunny Days Are Great Aren\'t They?

I am sitting here writing this piece with all the doors open, the windows also, and there is a nice refreshing breeze flowing through the house. The sun has been shining since we had our morning cuppa on the patio and it really is almost too hot to go outside. Sounds idyllic doesn't it? When it's dull and raining or overcast we can't wait to have the weather change to the sort of day I am experiencing today can we?

With more and more of these sunny days in the past few months and according to the forecasters lot's of them to come we should be very happy right? Don't we all just love these days?

Most of us would answer in the affirmative for sure but the facts are that the increased amount of sun is causing us a lot of problems and even though we all love to see the sun many of us just don't take the precautions which are required as a result of less rain and more sun.

For many of you readers who are in the farming or growing business too many sunny days are ruining your business. In the UK rivers are disappearing - yes their gone, and unless some rainfall appears soon we humans are going to be sharing a lot less water provided by those rains.

So what can we do about this? Well we can't really change the weather patterns can we? Remember the comics of old (many of you readers would be too young for this, take that as a compliment by the way), where the rain was artificially produced by the hero? Well with all of our capabilities we don't seem to have cracked that one yet. So as individuals we need to look at what we can do so that our collective efforts will make a difference. Leaving the Public Utility Companies to build more reservoirs, dams or rain collection mechanisms is fine , but it's long term and doesn't alter the fact that we are getting less rain but the worlds population to share it is growing!

In the house we can waste a lot of water. How often do we take a bath or shower? The trend to doing this every day is a relatively new one. Do we need to? Think how much water we could save if we halved or even took to a third the number of times we did this in a week? Do we make sure the dishwasher and the washing machines have full loads before we use them? Think about how much water is wasted if we don't.There are many more areas we can look at in the home. More about this in future Articles.

What we need, I am suggesting, is water awareness. What has made us aware is that we have water tanked in to a 5 ton tank at the side of the house and because of this we are acutely aware of how much water we use, as we can see the level going down. So here's the challenge. How do we make people, a village, a town a nation aware of the water shortages issue? Ideas welcomed.

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