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Three R's Of Environment
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Three R\'s Of Environment

Our environment is in great danger and so are we. We are living in a highly toxic environment with tons of waste surrounding us be it household or industrial. The air is so polluted that we often get sick and spend a lot of money on healthcare. The freshness and serenity of our environment is losing day by day and knowingly or unknowingly we are also becoming a part of those contaminate our environment. Where will this lead us to?. It is high time that we take preventive action to protect our nature and environment. There are already measures taken by different government and private bodies but we all must contribute individually to keep it clean and safe for us as well as our coming generations.

What can we do? Of course we can be our own ambassadors to protect our environment by not contaminating it ourselves and others.

• Don’t throw waste materials here and there. Instead collect the waste and dump it in proper designated places so that it can be disposed and treated efficiently. Keep an eye on people who do not dispose off their household or industrial waste and educate them on the importance of proper waste disposal and waste treatment

• Reduce the use of plastics which are difficult to decompose by natural processes

• Reduce the carbon emission and it’s after effects by properly checking and controlling emission of your vehicles that run on petrol as well as diesel. Reduce the usage of vehicles for a healthy tomorrow. Start walking and use your vehicles only when it is utmost necessary

• Prevent water from clogging in certain areas whereby creating chances of breeding of mosquitoes which can spread diseases like malaria

• Reduce the use of paper and materials made out of paper. You all know that paper is made out of wood. Trees help us greatly in keeping the environmental stability. There are products which are packaged using several layers of different types of boxes and papers. They all increase the consumption of paper. Try to find alternative packaging solutions, which decompose much easily compared to paper, to reduce the usage of paper

• Buy things which you actually require. We may purchase vegetables, meat and fish items for a week or more thinking that we will use them. Not all materials are fresh and we may not even use half of it before they get spoilt and finally we throw them out. It may be cheaper to buy in bulk quantities. What is the use if you cannot consume the goods before they decay? Try to get one or two of your friends and buy things on a bulk quantity to get them cheaper but at the same time share things with each other. This way you are conserving your money as well as goods by efficiently managing its use

• Reuse materials as far as possible. Now days, many star hotels participating in the Green Programme to protect the environment encourage their guests to reuse the bed sheets and covers as much as possible and request to change them only once it is necessary. By doing so we can reduce the usage of water to wash them regularly and also reduce the usage of soaps and chemicals required to keep them clean. Instead we keep the bed sheets and covers clean ourselves. We can follow the same at our own houses and educate our children to follow some simple steps to keep them clean

• Instead of getting new carry bags every time when we do a purchase, we can take a reusable shopping bags ourselves to a shop and bring purchased materials in our own bags. Earlier we used to do this. But since the popularity of plastic and the packaging industry have grown up, every small shop keeper use their own branded carry bags which they offer free to the shoppers. Some have realized the adverse effects of plastic and started either charging a nominally money for a carry bag to discourage shoppers from buying it at an extra price. Many have also started using recycled and eco-friendly bags which are easily decomposable

• You may throw away old toys, books or dresses that you can no longer use. Instead of throwing them away, give them to someone who can reuse it still further. Not all are fortunate enough like you who can afford to buy new toys and cloth for their children or themselves. Donate your unwanted materials to some charity organizations who act voluntarily to help people in need in various parts of the world. Find one near to your locality and be charitable

• Recycle materials. Many items like paper, plastics, cans, cartons that we use daily are recyclable. They can even be made out of recycled materials without contaminating our environment. Recycling process makes these items usable once again like new ones. Promote recycling. For this we must segregate items like paper, bottles, cans and other waste materials for properly recycling them. It is difficult to separate them once you put them together in one single waste basket. Keep separate waste baskets for each type of material and there are organizations that collect such waste materials for recycling. Find one nearest to your locality

• In addition to you recycling things, you can also promote buying products containing recycled materials. Note that it is mandatory to mention on the product or packaging that such materials are recycled and therefore it is not difficult to find them in the market

Have you ever thought of people collecting your waste materials on a daily basis? It will be difficult for you to be near a waste bin for even less than a minute. Think of those people who take part in collecting garbage and disposing them efficiently in various waste treatment plants. We dump waste materials, decayed food items, sanitary napkins and all sorts of stinking and leaking things. Dump them properly in such a way that it does not harm us, others and our environment. Improper waste disposal and waste management can lead to serious diseases.

If I start writing about this, I can write pages and pages of matter, which we normally see around us. But I am not doing that. Instead let us all be our own ambassadors for the 3 R’s of our Environment – Reduce, Reuse and Recycle.

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