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Building Solar Energy
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Building Solar Energy

We're living in unpredictable times where we can no longer rely on the generic resources that normally supply our energy, water or even food when disaster strikes. Power outages especially during the winter months is not only dangerous but depending on where you live blackouts are life threatening and far more critical, especially if the power is out for more than a couple of days. This can also be true for areas of extreme heat.

Had we been told even 10 years ago how easy and inexpensive it is to build solar panels and wind turbines, 'Every Household' could have built their own source of energy. With solar/wind systems we can save hundreds per month on electric bills, become completely independent of the electric companies and more importantly better prepared to weather the storms of today. People who used the DIY solar energy guide are now completely off the grid. DIY Solar Systems are inexpensive and can be made in any size to power an entire House and your RV's, Campers, Boats, Cars and even Air Planes.

Here's the sad part about all of this. We're not only facing global and galactic transformation but we have global economic failure as well. I find it sad that we have been "kept in the dark" about the low cost of building and installing solar energy panels. Everyone knows how much you can save on electricity and how beneficial it is to our environment but that's not the point. The point is, why have we been led to believe that producing solar energy is expensive and that you need to hire Ben Franklin to build it and an Einstein to install it. Nothing can be farther from the truth. Didn't our forefathers have windmills??

It's time to take control of our resources and expose the inflated myths about solar/wind energy. It's time to disclose the truth that solar energy is cheap to build and easy to install. It's time to put a stop to World Monopolies raping every resource from Mother Earth leaving the populous buckled down on our backs and dependent on these monopolies to supply us with energy resources.

If you can use a screwdriver, a few simple tools, and follow step by step instructions even a twelve year old can build Solar Panels and Wind Turbines. We All know the economic and environmental benefits of Solar Power. What you might not have known is that Solar Systems are cheap to build, simple to install and they can be built in the course of a weekend.

{Did you know that when your panels produce access energy that your meter will run in reverse and the electric co has to pay you for access energy. . .  No Kidding!!}

Benefits of Running on Solar Energy:

  • Unlimited Energy Source for Your Entire House
  • No Longer Dependent on Utility Companies
  • Saving 65% -100% on electric bills
  • You'll recoup your small investment in a few months not 10-20yrs
  • 100% immune to Blackouts and Power Outages
  • Never have to rely on limited gas generator backup systems. 

The Sun Provides an Unlimited Supply of Free Energy It's Time to "Literally" Take Your Power Back!


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