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How To Prepare For A Zombie Apocalypse
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Whether you are a believer of an impending zombie attack in the future or not, it is good to be always prepared. There is nothing to lose anyway. If it happens, then at least you are ready. If it doesn't, then we are all happy.

Sellers of guide books about zombies are everywhere. You can see them in online stores, malls, and even some of your friends are selling these kits. But you don't have to spend money on this craziness. You can make your own zombie apocalypse survival kit by simply following these instructions:

Step 1: Plan for an emergency zombie attack

Planning for unexpected events can save your life. Discuss the possibilities with your family and friends. There must be a near exit point in your community where you can all escape once the zombies start to invade the whole city. Also, it would be impossible for children to run away from the monsters because these creatures run so fast. The best way to solve this is to construct an attic in your house. This is where you are going to hide with your kids. Just ensure that the door is made from titanium or heavy steel so that the living dead will not be able to break in.

Step 2: Zombie-proof your hiding place

Strengthen the overall structure of your house. According to books and popular TV shows, a zombie is a creature that is not gifted with much intelligence. You can easily outwit him by using your brain. So don't let him eat your brain because you are going to need it to defend yourself. Design your house in such a way that it is super easy to push furniture and appliances in the pathways. In so doing you will make it hard for him to run after you.

Step 3: Visit the gym

The zombies are not intelligent but they are physically strong so you have to keep in shape. You cannot fight with a zombie or get near him because a single bite can make you become a walking dead too. The only thing that you can do is to run away as fast as you can. Simple exercises like running on thread mill will train you to run faster.

Step 4: Make your own first aid kit

This is the last step because you won't need it if you are already bitten by a zombie. Once you are infected, any kind of medicine won't work. So the first three steps must be taken seriously. Anyway, the first aid kit should include water, several types of weapons like guns and bombs, non-perishable foods, and utility supplies good for one month.

That's it. Hope you survive the zombie apocalypse with these helpful tips. Share it with your friends so they know also what to do.

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