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Nuclear Accidents
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There was and there is stiil a great debate around the thorny question of protection of the environment particularly the imminent risks incured by the nuclear industry.

The conferences are taken place ,the protocles signed by many countries,but not all the menbers and also those

that did not sign the relevant protocole , respect it and execute it conformally to the taken decisions..

In contrary we are witnessing a growth of installation of plant reactor.Each country want to accapare this type of energy for their needs of the constantly generation of electricity..

The nuclear industry consist briely on a fission reaction into the reactor which releases an incommensurable amount of heat that would be trasformed through differents process in electrical energy source.

The dangers and risks are when a plant reactor in activity fails to safety rules,the radioactive wastes released

from it , contaminate the environment and the health of people for decade of years till centuries.

There are two types of danders involving nuclear industry which are the accidents and the stickoge of radioctive wastes.

The first is the ability of the reactor to cope with the heat produced at time of the fission chain reaction leading in case of extreme loss of control to an explosion accompagnied by a release of radioctive cloud spreading in the atmosphere and over the environment.

The second is where to stock the wastes from the reactor,spent fuels from a reaction in nuclear power plant are radioactives and toxix and constitute an extreme danger for human being and the flora.

Whatever was the highly measures of norme security implanted by the owners of plant reactor,there are always risk and danger that these wastes could find the way of the environmment.

FRANCE project to construct bunkers to stock the wastes but in case of earthquake touching these reinforced concrete take over, that would be leading to a catastophe.

There have been two nuclear accidents in the past and one just recntly.

The first was in 1975 in pennsylvania,the second was the chernobyl disaster in 1986 which took in UKRAINE

and considered the worst nuclear power plant accident in history.and the last was in 11 marsh 2011

the fukushima daichi nuclear disater resulting from an earhquake causing a tsunami and knock multiple reactors

in the plant which failed to prevent and control the leak of radioctive wastes spreading in the atmosphere and

contaminate hundreds of people which that forced the japaneese authorities tto evacuate half million

of people from the affected contaminated area.

From these just stated accidents,there have been any means to fight the repercussions of accident nuclear plant.

I think,it is a great opportunity that the international civil community must mobilize all the peaceful organisations and forces engaging into the protection of environment for the eradication of this type harmful heavy industry for the benefit of heath safety of people in spite of it offers a source of electrical energy.

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Nuclear plants can be scary places, when you think of all the accidents that have happened over the years. Between that and the Pacific Ocean garbage patch.

  about 1 decade ago

I want you to know I agree with you and think this is a serious iussue

  about 1 decade ago
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