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Survival - Bugging In Vs Bugging Out
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Survival  -  Bugging In Vs Bugging Out

When it comes to preparing for disasters, terrorism, tyranny or surviving emergencies in general, should we "bug in" or "bug out"? There is a long lasting debate between preppers and survivalists alike who believe that as soon as an emergency happens or SHTF that they are attached to either bugging in and fortifying their homes or bugging out and living off of the elements. What is the difference between bugging in and bugging out? Is one better or more preferred than the other? We will discuss the differences below and which is better based upon the given scenario that is being experienced.

Bugging Out

Simply put, bugging out is the process of leaving everything behind, possibly for good, grabbing your bug out bag loaded with your gear and "bugging out" by living off the gear you prepared in your bag within the elements. This is a very last resort, as often times bugging out can mean you may never return. However, more often than not, "bug out" scenarios are typically 72 hours. This can be longer or shorter based on the situation that is being faced, so you always have to be prepared with a good amount of skills in your repertoire, since your gear does not last forever and knowledge weighs nothing.

Bugging In

Bugging in is exactly the opposite of bugging out in that you begin to fortify and utilize your home as your shelter. You will then drain all of the resources from your home and use it to survive. Many believe that their homes will shelter many friends, family members or other loved-ones when SHTF. You need to have weapons to defend your "fortress" and a very generous amount of supplies and a re-supply plan for food, water and possibly shelter (particularly for staying warm). Bugging in is not permanent in most cases, but hopefully is temporary based on the given emergency situation, either.

This is a very basic generalized idea of what bugging in and bugging out are. Now that you have an overview and a basic understanding of what each are, the final question is "Which is better"?

The answer to whether bugging in or bugging out is better is determined on your situation. Many who are concerned about surviving when emergencies hit are absolutely tied to the fact that they will bug in permanently. This can happen, it just depends on the scenario. Others are married to the idea of bugging out immediately.

I believe one or the other can easily happen. You cannot be married to either bugging in or having to go bugging out immediately, as the situation progresses and often calls for a change or shift in your plan, ultimately requiring you to do either one of these in order to survive.

Don't be married to an ideology. Be stuck to the ideology of survival, at any means necessary.

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