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The New Kite Mosquito Patch
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The New Kite Mosquito Patch

You're headed out for some fishing so you grab all of your essentials, fishing pole, tackle box, ice chest, Kite Patch. Wait a minute. What's a Kite Patch? The new Kite Patch, is going to replace the spray on mosquito repellant we use today, here in the very near future. Oh.

This sounds pretty interesting you say, how does it work? The company ieCrowd has come up with a very innovative approach to repel mosquitoes and that is by the use of a patch worn on your clothing, any bag you may carry, or sleeping quarters for example.

By wearing this small patch mosquitoes are virtually made blind to a human's presence.

The patch contains compounds which effectively block a mosquitoes receptors they use to detect humans. The company also boasts that these compounds are non-toxic, which is good news for the environment.

When we humans exhale, we emit carbon dioxide which mosquitoes see as a meal being served. And out on a fishing bank it sure feels like you're literally be eaten alive.

Globally, over 600,000 people die from malaria each year, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Africas death rate from malaria is the highest, about 90 percent of all the cases in 2010, and the need for effective and timely control is critical. So ieCrowd is testing the patch in Uganda right now, and pending approval from the Environmental Protection Agency, they hope to make a significant impact upon release.

The individual compounds being used in the patch have all been approved by the Food and Drug Administration for consumption. But ieCrowd would not name the different compounds specifically, due to the pending patents filed. But they are ensuring the product is safe.

In Africa, the use of bed nets have been effective in defending against malaria, however it is pretty hard to walk around with a bed net on in public. Bed nets are a non-toxic approach compared to other commercial repellant products that aren't so good for the ozone layer.

ieCrowd expects to release the patch to the world in 10-14 months pending EPA approval, and kept discreet about the cost. So get ready for a convenient defence against one of the most dangerous and annoying pests on the planet.

Just place a patch on a garment you wear and engage a virtual force field around your entire body rendering you invisible to mosquitoes. Being a angular I am eagerly awaiting the release of the new Kite Patch.

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