Tire Disposal And Tire Recycling
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The environmental problems have become so widespread that we cannot afford to ignore this anymore. There are many alarming issues as far as the environmental devastation is concerned, and one such threat to your surroundings is caused by the inappropriate utilization of tires that are worn out.

Although people keep hearing about the proper tire disposal and recycling for the better living environment, not everyone knows that used tires can be recycled as well. Most of the people don’t have any clue how to dispose of the ones that are not usable for their vehicles and as a result, they are either thrown away or piled up in a corner.

Here are a few tips of disposing of old ones so that they could contribute in imparting benefits rather than staying useless or causing trouble:

  • Tires can be used in many DIY arts and crafts, and they can confer a distinguishing appearance in your home decoration projects.
  • They can also be given to the retreading companies for disposal because they might reuse it to make another new one. But that, of course, depends on its condition.
  • Old tires are also known to be used in the garden beds at various places, and there they fulfill the purpose of water retention and weed growth prevention.
  • Used ones can be given off to construction agencies for disposal that can further use them during construction of new homes. For instance, Earthships are made this way.
  • Old ones can also be used to build artificial reefs for underwater use.

How to Recycle Tires for Money

It is a good practice to sell used tires to a recycling plant because they can make use of these in the best possible way. These companies have a tire recycling machine to process the old tires for different beneficial purposes.

It might seem unrealistic at first, but it is happening. There are a lot of companies out there who are willing to pay you if you provide them with old tires for recycling. So if you notice the abundance of useless tires in your surroundings, you can take an initiative and exchange these for a handsome amount of money. There are a few steps for this process:

  • Collect all of them that you find useless in surroundings and gather them at a place.
  • Search on the internet and find the companies in your area that deal with the recycling in exchange for money.
  • Find the contact number of the company that pays you the highest amount of providing tires for recycling purposes.
  • Wait for them to show up and pick all those seemingly useless old ones.The company will take up the tires and pay you as per the number of tires.

This was your mini guide to deal with the tires that cannot be used any further. Apart from the money benefit, getting rid of them by contacting recycling companies is your civic duty as being a responsible member of society. Moreover, old tires can pose a threat to the health condition of people living in surroundings if left unattended.

Tire recycling can bring many benefits to the environment. To cope up with unnecessary piling of these, this article provides some useful tips that can be implemented without bearing any extra cost. The easiest way is the recycling is through tire recycling plant.


Disposing of the tires for the recycling purposes not only helps people to get rid of these tires, but also enables the recycling companies to turn these into something useful.

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