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What Is A Good Survival Fire Starter For Preppers?
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What is A Good Survival Fire Starter for Preppers?

In order to survive an emergency event, you need to avoid the "law of the the 3's". This law that you must avoid in order to survive is:

  • 3 Weeks Without Food
  • 3 Days Without Water
  • 3 Minutes Without Air
  • 3 Hours Without Shelter

That last rule regarding shelter is also true if you cannot start a fire. Without being able to have a fire, you will be unable to keep warm, cook food or boil water (which would lead to preparing freeze-dried food). This is the case whether you are bugging in or bugging out. Choosing the right sire starter as a prepper in order to survive is paramount to getting out alive.

What if you do not know any primitive methods to building fire? What if you were forced to bug out, didn't know any of these primitive skills and have not taken time to add a fire starter to your bug out bag? What if you lost your fire starter? If you do not have a fire starter in your bug out bag or in your home, you need to add one as soon as possible. If you already have one, then you need another.

You should have at least 3 different ways to start fire from the gear you have decided to prepare and pack away in your bug out bag or location. These can be waterproof matches, flint and steel, good ol' kerosene lighters or any other type. You need to make sure, that which ever type of fire starter you choose, it works for your personally. Having a few different characteristics that others do not have is something you should also keep an eye on. These "differing characteristics" that make each piece of gear unique can include the following specifics:

  • Weight
  • Ease-of-use
  • Size
  • Portability
  • Longevity

With weight, you need to make sure the fire starter (or fire starters) you decide on are very light in weight. The last thing you want to be doing is adding yet another heavy item to your probably already heavy bug out bag.

With ease-of-use, your fire starter needs to be easy and simple to operate. A rule of thumb should be: A complete newbie should be able to operate it with absolutely no prior knowledge or training in its usage or fire building skills at all.

With size, it needs to be able to fit in a bug out bag or other location without taking up too much space. Space becomes vitally important later on as your bug out bag is probably already overcrowded.

Portability means that the fire starter should be able to be carried on you at any time. This rule of thumb will make certain that any fire starter you decide on will indeed be simple enough and light enough to be stored in your bug out bag or other location.

With longevity in mind, you should make sure that any specific fire starter you choose will last a long time. The last thing you want (no pun intended) when you need to start a fire in order to survive, is for the fire starter to no longer work. Make sure the fire starter you choose is guaranteed to last a long time.

These are just a few simple rules to guide you on how to choose the most efficient fires starter as a prepper in order to survive.

If you do not have a good fire starter in your bug out bag or location, or need an efficient backup, be sure you choose a great fire starter that is lightweight, takes up less space, is easy to use, small in size, is portable and is backed with a guarantee to last a lifetime.

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