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Where Have All The Honey Bees Gone
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The Honey Bee population is declining all over the World and since they pollinate 1/3 of our food supply that is a serious problem. Beneficial insects like honey Bees and Lady Bugs are critical to our ecosystem, but are very susceptible to insecticides that are applied to kill the harmful insects.

One insecticide in-particular that is at the fore front of the controversy is Clothianidin, it is an insecticide produced in the United States by Bayer AG. This chemical is absorbed into the plants and released through the nectar to kill the insects, the trouble is, it not only kills the harmful insects but also kills the beneficial insects as well. Most countries have banned the use of this pesticide, but the United States has not.

Clothianidin also has an adverse effect on Birds, Small Animals and Marine life, Bayer is trying to gain approval for use on cotton and mustard seed. We need to stop and think about the long term effects this will have on our ecosystem/ food supply, if this is absorbed by the plants and kills insects, what will it do to humans over time?

Bayer makes another chemical that is suspect in the disappearance of our Honey Bee population, QuickBayt was produced to kill flies around dairy barns. QuickBayt contains the chemical, Imidacloprid, Scientists have known for years the harmful effect that Imidacloprid has on wildlife. Especially the impact it has on the Honey Bee population, Earthworms, Birds, Fish and in Humans it has been known to cause epileptic seizures, diarrhea, and lack of coordination.

It is estimated that 2/3 of the Honey Bees have disappeared, this is also known as Colony Collapse, but even when that happens you will usually find dead Bees around the hive, but there is not a trace of the Bees to be found. Like most things on earth, man has made a mess out of this simple yet necessary process of Pollination. We are always looking for the easy way out and in this case we chose chemicals to do the work for us, But at what price?

The populations of Honey Bees has also been affected by two parasitic mites that attack honey bees. Tracheal mites and Varroa mites, both species of mites have killed thousands of colonies of Honey Bees.

God gave us everything we need to survive here on earth without the use of man made chemicals. We have the ability to feed ourselves and to grow herbs to heal our sickness, yet we continually rely on man made drugs with horrible side effects and insist on spraying chemicals on all our crops in hopes of having that bumper crop. The little Honey Bees are trying to tell us something and it is time we start listening.

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