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Why Should You Start Prepping Now?
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Why Should You Start Prepping Now?

There are many reasons to start prepping now. Whether you are a beginner or seasoned prepper, you should know the reasons WHY you should start preparing for apocalypse RIGHT NOW!

Whether you are a brand new prepper or you have been prepping and into self-preservation for many years (or even decades), there are reasons behind it. Why have you been prepping? Does it make sense to prepare? What exactly should we be prepping for?

If you have decided to prepare for the apocalypse, then it becomes far more important to do a risk analysis in order to understand what it is you should start prepping for right now. After this short list, hopefully, prepping will not seem to be as crazy as many think any more.

Number 1: Natural Disasters

Prepping for natural disasters is probably the most likely reason to begin preparing right now. Hurricanes, tornadoes, fires, floods earthquakes and many more natural disaster can often hit without notice. Natural disasters can destroy cities, level homes, and kill anyone or anything in their paths. Prepping NOW can save you and your loved-ones lives BEFORE disaster strikes.

Number 2: Terrorism

Whether it is nuclear, biological, EMP (electro magnetic pulse) for of terrorism, this is a truly legitimate reason to being prepping. Massive terrorist attacks simultaneously triggered could have a crippling blow to U.S infrastructure, economy and emergency services. Preparing now for terrorism can save you and your loved-ones lives in the event that a massive terrorist attack or attacks are triggered throughout the U.S.

Number 3: Economic Collapse

An economic collapse is absolutely imminent. Regardless of what modern news is telling you, more people are unemployed (those who drop out of looking for employment are not included in "statistics"), homes going into foreclosure are rising, gas prices are increasing dramatically and the national debt is now over $21 trillion dollars! The government can only continue to print money for so long. This leads to hyper inflation and the roof will only collapse, it takes only so much weight.

Number 4: Tyranny

Government tyranny is taking our 1st, 2nd, 4th, 5th and many more amendments away from law-abiding U.S citizens. More and more pressure is being put on citizens to give up their freedom of speech, right to bear arms, right to remain silent, right to refuse an unlawful search and many more. The department of homeland security is obviously beefing up their arsenal with billions of rounds of ammo, guns and other equipment, so why shouldn't you? If their are prepping for something, they may potentially have foreknowledge of an event that is likely to occur in the near future.

These are the top reasons you should start prepping right now. Prepping is not a "nutty" thing to do, it is practical and realistic. When disaster or emergency strikes, which is inevitable, you can choose to be one of the few who is prepared or one of the many who are unprepared and are going to be victims.

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