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How To Tame A Horse - A Guide For The Novice Horse Trainer
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Okay, so horse training is a great skill and it takes the best horse trainers spending a lot of time and experience working with horses and developing that uncanny level of feel, timing and know-how.

I am no professional horse trainer. I have high admiration for them. I hold them in high regard. Without them we would not have access to those well-trained, great horses we enjoy being with. But that doesn't mean for ONE SECOND that I don't believe how vital it is for every horse owner to develop skills in training a horse on some level.

Have you seen some people working with horses? Have you been in awe of the way a horse under their guidance and leadership changes before your eyes? Is not that transformation from a frightened and/or disrespectful horse to a willing partner a wonder to behold?

Well, if you think I'm just getting way too wishy-washy over it don't read any further. How to become a horse trainer may be way down on your list of priorities. But if you often wonder how to train your horse, how to develop a better relationship with your horse, and you're receptive to some encouraging words read on my friend read on.

You see, I don't happen to think anyone - even professional horse people - know all there is to know about the amazing equine. I think anyone can constantly learn more about horses and about how to teach them as well as learning from them. I remember when I got my first horse. I was absolutely clueless about anything and everything from reading the body language of a horse to knowing how to longe a horse, let alone how to train a horse. I drove other horse owners, my farrier, and vet absolutely crazy with all the questions I would ask. Those questions were probably very elementary and silly to most, but that was how I began learning. What is it someone once said, "The only stupid question is the one you don't ask"?

So if you've attended horse training events, or watched any of those horse training shows such as those aired on RFD-TV, or DVDs, or videos, or books, or all of the above then you've likely thought to yourself, "How do you train a horse to do that? I want that - that unique relationship. I want a horse that I won't have to be afraid of, one that will be light and responsive, one that won't easily buck, spook, or rear."

You can have that.

Here are some tips I recommend. The fact that you're reading this demonstrates the likelihood you're already doing these things anyhow.

  • Pick the brains of other horse people for information. Take advantage of their experience. Verify their input and suggestions with others and by doing your own research. There are a lot of opinions out there. Some will ring true for you while others won't.

  • Watch educational and informative programs by various horse trainers and other experts. Determine which are your favorites. Narrow the number down to a single person whose technique you like and who you feel you can easily learn from. It isn't a good idea to mix training methods. Give a particular trainer's method a try before going on to something else if that particular method fails to get the results you desire. Following one method through in its entirety is the only way you will know how workable it is for you and your horse.

  • If you know of someone using a particular training method you are interested in follow their progress along. In fact there is a great blog currently running about this very subject entitled, "How to Tame a Horse: Confessions of a Novice Horse Trainer." Follow this blog to see how she makes out training her horse using one trainer's methods.

  • Once you've selected the method of horse training you want to use, be sure to follow it as closely as possible. Keep a journal or log of some kind to keep track of your progress and to keep yourself motivated. Ideally, find another horse person who is willing to follow the same method so the two of you can work together. You will be able to keep each other motivated and encourage each other.

Good luck and here's to an improved relationship with your horse. As always, happy trails!

Street Talk

Great article, and great advice. I went through the same thing and now I really have that relationship with a horse. And you are right about no one knowing everything about the horse, but that is with everything. There is always something to learn. 30 years from now we will know so much more about horses then we do now. It is so exciting!!!

  about 8 years ago
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