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Stand Up Computer Desk - - - Why You Should Get Off Your Duff
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Stand Up Computer Desk  -   -   -  why You Should Get Off Your Duff

Did you ever wonder why you feel achy and generally blah after sitting too long working at your computer, watching TV, or attending a special event? There is now increasing evidence which confirms sitting too long is just not good for you. God designed our bodies to move and not just vegetate.

When you are out and about at the grocery store or Wal Mart, have you noticed the scooter people. No doubt many of these folks depend upon their motorized scooters and would not be able to function without them. However, it appears another group of scooter people have "earned" their way into their scooters due to prolonged inactivity, poor diets, and generally not taking care of themselves. Now when people go to McDonald's and get their meals supersized, it's often the consumer being supersized. It seems to be the exception when you see a regular sized person.

It didn't used to be that way. Things have changed in the past thirty, forty, or more years ago when young adults went into careers where moving around was part of the job. Kids had recess in elementary school, played outdoors unsupervised hours on end, had PE in high school, and were a lot more active. Nowadays, it's a tough deal when many jobs and activities now require significant sitting while staring/working at a computer.

Because I am one of those folks who works at a computer all day, I began to research to see if there was any such thing as a stand up computer desk or work station to where I have the option of either sitting or standing. Let's be real. Standing for 8-9 hours is no more fun than sitting that same amount of time. To my amazement, there is a variety of stand up computer desks and adjustable work stations on the market which met my requirements. I went from not knowing if such a piece of furniture existed to where it was: Decisions, Decisions. The most unique was the treadmill work station. Does it gets any better than doing the treadmill thing and getting work done or surfing the net at the same time? The value added to all this was none of the stand up solutions would break the bank and will help in providing a higher quality of life.

I enjoy working and was glad to discover great alternatives to sitting all day, as I found sitting is not good. I also uncovered other notable people such as former Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld and novelist Philip Roth were users of stand up desks.

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