Questions To Ask Commercial Estate Agents Newcastle
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Commercial estate agents Newcastle are professionals that help individuals or companies sell, buy or rent commercial properties like office buildings, land, hotels, apartment buildings or hospitals. They make the connection between those who want to sell or rent out a property and those who want to buy or rent a property. Sometimes, commercial estate agents also act as chartered surveyors Newcastle.

A chartered surveyor is a professional that values buildings and other properties, taking into consideration the materials a building is made from, the area where it is located, its size, the year when the building was constructed, its further improvements, and many other factors. Based on this, the surveyor provides the seller or buyer with an estimated price of the property.

Choosing a commercial estate agent wisely is very important because he or she will be the one helping you find the property that you want or find the person or company willing to buy or rent your property. For their services, commercial estate agents Newcastle require a certain fee. This fee is usually a percent of the total amount of money that represents the financial transaction between you and the other part involved in the agreement.

Speaking of fees, this relates to one of the first questions that you should ask your potential commercial estate agent. Speak clearly about the fees requested by the agent and also about your budget, to be able to select your agent without searching too much. Of course, their experience matters, as well, and to see how experienced an agent is, ask him or her questions regarding the number of properties they have bought, sold or rented.

Another question that you should ask your commercial estate agent is related to the customer support service that the agent or their agency offers prior to signing the deal with the other part, and also after it. There are many people that have bought a building and, several days after working in it, discovered that the building was not exactly as described by that other part.

In cases like the aforementioned one, many decide to cancel the agreement and want their money back. That is why, asking your potential commercial estate agent whether canceling the contract several days after signing it is possible or not is a good thing. If canceling the contract is not possible, ask, at least, if you can sign a pre-agreement featuring some specific terms.

And to avoid situations like those mentioned here, it is recommended that you contact a team of chartered surveyors Newcastle that would provide you with an accurate report on the building that you want to buy or rent. This way, you would be 100% certain that what you are buying or renting is indeed what you want.

Looking to purchase a new property or perhaps to value an office building? Choose our team of experienced commercial estate agents Newcastle and chartered surveyors Newcastle to provide you with what you need. We are based in Newcastle under Lyme, Staffordshire and offer a wide range of services, from sales and lettings to surveys and valuations and from property management to assistance with all types of property.

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