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The Truth About Call Centers
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The Truth About Call Centers

There are some things that people don't really know about call centers. When I say call centers, I mean the ones off the internet. Most of them are either Market Research companies or telemarketing companies.

I have always wondered what it would be like to work in a call center. I have worked in a call center for a short time.

Working in a call center is not a place for everybody. In that short time of working, I have seen a lot. Not all of it was good. Everything that I have seen, I took it as a lesson, so I know what to do and what not to do when running a business of my own. A lot of what I saw was mainly the what not to do.

The Ins And Outs of A Call Center

A call center consist of the human resources department, supervisors, monitors, and the interviewers. The supervisors are the ones that places the interviewers on the jobs they want them on. They also help the interviewers when they need it. The monitors listen to the calls that the interviewers are on, to make sure they are following directions. They also help the interviewers when they need it. On the second floor of the building is where they have people who listen to calls all day and night.

There are some supervisors that can listen to the calls while they are at home. so the interviewers cannot say or do anything on the phone without being caught. There have been times where the interviewers were rude to the people over the phone and some have gotten fired for it. They forget that somebody is listening to them. Just like any other businesses, the people who work in call centers have to act like they have a sense of business. When doing a call center job, they want you to read a survey word for word, even when the words don't make sense. You will sound like you have grammar problems. They don't care how you sound.

One thing I did not like is, the supervisors and the monitors are so hypocritical. They can tell the interviewers what they cannot do, but they do not set the example themselves. It is a do as I say, not as I do. If the supervisors and the monitors want the interviewers to respect and do what they say, they have to set the example.

The Hiring Of People For Jobs

When call centers look to hire people, they should have a better approach in doing so. Call centers only look for people who can read well and type well. They also hire bilingual people. When call centers start conducting interviews for job placement, They should have people come dressed in business attire when seeking a job at their company.

When people come to a job interview any kind of way, they are not really ready for a job.I believe a person should not have to put on an act on the phone. A person should know how to talk to a person with a business sense. When people put on a performance, they are lying about who they are. Once they get off the phone, they are back to themselves. It is not right.

What I noticed is, most of the people work for the business , are people who are from the streets, or people who have done time. A lot of them, do not have sense of business, they bring their street mentality, and even their home training into the work place, but when they are on the phone, once again, they are putting on a performance.For call centers, it doesn't matter who stays on the job and who don't stay on the job, because, those who quits are always replaced. Call centers are always hiring. The reason is, because call centers get tax credit for the people they hire by the IRS. So they are still getting their money.

Working For A Call Center

Once a person has gone through the steps to getting hired, they begin working on the day they was given. The interviewers are given 4 days to work. They have to work one weekend. One thing about working in a call center is, you must have a thick skin. What I mean is, if you get a person on the phone that cuss you out, you cannot get mad and cuss back at them. you have to chop it up and keep moving.

Most people cannot handle a job at a call center because they have bad tempers. I have seen some people crying over the phone calls they received. The supervisor that does conducts the training, always told people if they cannot take the insults or whatever people say over the phone, this job is not for you. If you are sensitive, this job is not for you. A lot of people have realized that and quit after the first day. Some stayed for a couple of months and then quit.

In my time of working in a call center, most of the people I worked with had no manners, had streets smarts, but no kind of business etiquette. What I saw in the streets, is what I saw in the work place. I have seen people selling packs of cigarettes, people selling boot leg movie, and people selling weed. The supervisors and the human resource department knew about it. I would come to work and people who did not work in the building would come looking for the person who sold cigarettes. To me, it's bad business to have all that happening. The saddest part, is to have the workers of higher ranking buying from these people instead of putting a stop to it.

What Call Centers Pay

Depending on where you go to work at a call center, the pay is different from other call centers. Some pay is $7.25 an hour for English Speakers, and $8.25 for bilingual people. In order to get the bilingual pay, they will test you to see if you can really speak Spanish or any other language you say you can speak. Other call centers start out low for a week, and then raise the wages a little higher. It also depends on the state in which you live in. Other states may pay more, if they have call centers. You have to do some searching.

The other thing you have to do,. is keep track of your breaks, because they take money off. Sometimes they take money off your breaks when you did not have a break. You also have to keep track of your lunch. They will take money off that too. I found out that they take money off the breaks or lunches because they have to pay bills or something, but it is not right. You have to make sure you get all of your money. If you don't say anything, they will keep the money. They will rip you off if they can, without you knowing.

Who Is Fit For The Job

People who have a business sense, is not fit for the job. The more you work at the job, and the more you look around, you will know that you don't belong on a job like that. Call centers are for people are starting over after messing up, or for people who want to wast their time, when they have nothing else to do.

I have come across a lot of people, such as myself, who don't belong on a job like working in call centers. They are not happy with it. They know they can do better , but because of the economy, there is not much jobs available. So they do a job like the call center. I recommend people who have a business mind to think about starting their own business and be their own boss. It is about that time, since we don't know what is going to happen with employment.

The reason why I wrote this article, is to make people aware of what they are getting into, when it comes to working in call centers. Working in call centers will not pay the bills or put a roof over your head, or even put food on the table, because their pay is very low. I am not bashing them, but it's better to know the truth, than to believe a lie. Not all call centers run their business like that, only some. The good call centers get a bad rap, because of what the bad call centers do.There are some good ones out there.

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