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7 Minute Workout: Get In The Best Shape Of Your Life Training Only 7 Minutes A Day, 3 Times Per Week!
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7 Minute Workout: Get In the Best Shape Of Your Life Training Only 7 Minutes A Day, 3 Times Per Week!

The 7 minute workout is a new exercise program that is going to ROCK the fitness industry simply because you only train 7 minutes a day, 3 times a week. This approach is actually better than training more! It is hard to believe, and it takes a while to forget the old adopted myths about fitness. However, it is a point that needs to be underlined in your mind.

With 7 minute workout program, as fitness improves through consistent training, we change intensity, NOT duration. In other words, as our exercise program becomes a part of your life (like brushing your teeth) your fitness will improve and you're training program will change, but NOT get longer.

The use of chemical reactions in the body to ensure that the workouts you go through do not create the negative emotions associated with over training. The lifestyle choices that 7 minute workout guide you through are designed to help you add our fitness routines into your life schedule. The same concept applies for nutrition. If you make a few adjustments, it will have a snowball effect and make other choices easier because your body will not be demanding the foods you should not eat.

Our emotions, our decisions and our feelings are results of chemical reactions in the body, and can be manipulated and controlled to help you meet your goals. Up until now, these reactions have been making your life difficult for all these years. That’s because you are dealing with natural reactions to programs that make your body react as if it is being injured. You are locked into a cycle of trying to use your will power to over rule your natural instincts. You’ve been told that you have no other choice!

What sounds crazy is NOT that with 7 minute workout you only need to train 7 minutes a day 3 times a week…But what sounds crazy is that the fitness industry is constantly telling people to try to “toughen up” and just do it, despite the fact that obesity is now an epidemic! They want to tell you that it is YOU who have failed, not them. Preaching the same wrong message again and again, while the failure of that message is actually destroying the health of our entire population! Smile

Remember, as you are energized by this 7 minute workout approach, you will want to share it with people. You will face questions and even have people straight out disbelieve you. In fact, the reactions are often incredibly negative. Fitness trainers who have never had near the success 7 minute workout have had, and are perhaps half the athletes than those using this program (on their best day) will say that this program is wrong! When i get those reactions .... I would smile to myself and realize that this same attitude and reaction to the truth is why obesity is an epidemic. It is why the fitness industry has failed miserably. It is why people all over the world are made to feel as if there is something wrong with them when their natural defenses make them quit the abuse their bodies endure at the hands of these misguided fitness “experts”. Strong words yes, but let’s be blunt. People actually are dying due to the approach that turns people away from fitness. So get on board, and after one month from now, when you are still following this 7 minute workout program, you will be living proof. Fitness will become part of your life routine, you will be a living example of how right i was about 7 minute workout and how the correct approach to fitness improves, enhances and elongates your entire life!

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