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A Healthy Exercise Plan For Heart Health Benefit
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I hope I can help you organize an easy exercise plan that will help you to strengthen your heart and lung capacity, lose weight, build muscle, increase your circulation, and detox your body of heavy metals, along with normal metabolic wastes.

Just briefly, I will tell you how I discovered this particular style of exercising. I had taught professional level ballet for twenty years, and after retiring I maintained a certain fitness level, although my lifestyle out of necessity was becoming less and less athletic.

For a few years I didn't change physically too much, but of course that does not last forever! I noticed weight gain and muscle loss, even though I began weight training and walking daily.

Then I decided to get a certificate as a personal trainer, to build on the credentials I already had, and learn some new exercises for myself. I enjoyed the course, and the college instructor that lectured was great. I learned about muscle anatomy and metabolism from a different perspective than I had needed to know in the world of ballet.

However, the most enlightening factor to me, was the whole issue of CARDIO. Whether walking, jogging, running, or swimming, cardio is a low intensity exercise, and the theory of its use was in you increasing the duration, little by little, forever. Well, after a few weeks, you had to be adding exercise time every day, to be theoretically benefiting from cardio.

Doing the math, it is an instant computation that no one can do this, before the theory demands that you are cardio training for more than 24 hrs a day. Or walking with weights, or adding some other duress. Which most trainers will not recommend, because of the added pressure on your joints.

When I began searching the history of cardio, I found out that it became a popular buzz word and training style, with no medical studies at all. And, a Harvard University study involving 7000 participants has shown that cardio training does nothing to improve heart health, or lung capacity.

I investigated slow motion heavy intensity weight training. There is no reason not to learn weight workouts properly, or practice it to strengthen specific muscles. I learned a program that did indeed strengthen some of my muscles, but did nothing to boost metabolism, and reverse aging the way the program had been promoted.

I hope you are still with me, because the next discovery of mine was a paced, or interval style of training, which was casually mentioned in a blog post by Deborah Vogel creator of "Effective Stretching The Ultimate Stretching Guide". Also an older dancer, Deborah had discovered P.A.C.E. training and was reporting an increase of weight loss and muscle strength in her personal use of this healthy exercise plan.

This plan is created by a medical doctor who has provided a DVD, and a lengthy book for those who love all the background and details.

Heart Health Benefit Exercise And You Get To Do Your Favorite Routine

You can apply the principles of P.A.C.E., or PACE training to any type of exercise.

You do not need:

  • a gym membership
  • extra space
  • to buy extra workout equipment
  • to be in great shape to start

PACE workouts are about twelve to twenty minutes in length. They use a natural exert/rest/exert/rest rhythm that your body adapts to readily. You will steadily acquire:

  • increase heart and lung capacity
  • decreased insulin resistance
  • increased muscle mass
  • increased energy levels
  • increased circulation

Sounds like a new zest for life in general! I recommend you look into this healthy exercise plan. And look at this nutritional advice about how to boost your heart health benefit as well.

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