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A Workout Routine And Nutritious Diet For Us Older People – The Benefits Of Regular Exercise And Good Eating
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A Workout Routine And Nutritious Diet for Us Older People – the Benefits Of Regular Exercise And Good Eating

Being in good physical shape and having a healthy diet are two things that many people are aware of today. If we are working and don’t have a lot of spare time, we need to have some balance in our lives and be conscious of our well-being. This becomes even more important as we grow older. Our bodies are not like they were in our teens and twenties, and we need to pay a lot more attention to our physical selves in order to cope with our daily schedule and personal life. Many of us want to lose that extra stubborn body fat and have a flat stomach. Just having a regular workout routine and paying closer attention to what we eat goes a long way in not only improving but maintaining our good health. It can also help to keep us mentally alert and reduce the possibility of acquiring conditions like Alzheimer’s, arthritis, diabetes and obesity. Dare I say it - a healthy body keeps a healthy mind (yes, I know it’s an old cliché but it doesn’t hurt to hear it again, right?).

A good, regular workout routine is something that is essential for a healthy body. Now, I’m not talking about going to the gym every day and pumping iron for 2 hours, just simple, basic exercises you can do at home or work. I do strongly suggest you visit your doctor first in order to assess your current condition before you decide on a particular program for yourself. As an example, this is part of my daily routine:

• 5 minutes of gentle, stretching exercises first thing in the morning – raise both arms in the air and hold for 60 seconds whilst standing on tip toes; hands on hips, back straight and roll your body from left to right for another 60 seconds; stretch out your arms in front and place both palms against the wall and do 60 seconds of push ups- this well help expand your chest and assist in circulating air through the lungs; gently roll your neck from left to right for 60 seconds; arms out straight and knee bends for 60 seconds

• A 20 to 30 minute walk around the neighbourhood or local park; just an easy paced walk, not a jog or run. This is recommended before breakfast.

• During the day I will repeat my stretching exercises at least 3 more times

• Another 20 to 30 minute walk before my evening meal

You can adapt this to suit your own lifestyle and hours. It’s all simple, easy stuff, and very basic. There are also many time efficient workout routines that have been compiled by fitness experts and these are readily accessible on the internet.

A healthy diet is just common sense, no-brainer stuff, and I would recommend you see a nutritionist to assess your own personal diet. For a guide, this is part of my regime:

• Breakfast – fresh fruit, yoghurt, oat or wheat cereal, green tea or fruit juice

• Lunch – wholemeal or rye bread sandwiches with tuna and salad or egg, lettuce and mayonnaise; small, homemade pasta or rice dish or vegetable soup

• Dinner – thick soup, salads, baked vegetables, lean meats, chicken, fish

• In between meal snacks like nuts or fruit

Avoid processed and packaged foods, especially those that are high in sugar content, read the labels first. Also steer clear of fast foods like hamburgers, fries and hot dogs. We all know these have absolutely no nutritional value.

This is just the start, of course, and, as you can see, it’s not rocket science. What I have discussed here is the basics you need to know and think about to get yourself on the way to a fitter, healthier body. Don’t let your age prevent you from delaying it or making excuses. Once you have started you will want to progress to a more advanced program to maintain your fitness level and keep your diet under control. I’m 55 years old and, since beginning my own program over 6 months ago, I am finding it a lot easier to cope with my own daily schedule and am enjoying the benefits of a healthy diet. It’s your body, your life. What are you doing about it?

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