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Avoid Negative Self Talk And Get Inspired
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Avoid Negative Self Talk And Get Inspired

Sometimes we are so eager to get into our fitness programs that we just jump right in and start. This is great, but this is when we usually make the first fitness mistake.

We are still talking down to ourselves when we start working out and we start to tell ourselves "I wish I looked like this person already".

How to Fix The Negative Talk

First, instead of telling yourself how much you wish you looked like someone else, tell yourself you're going to look the way you want.

This way, you're making sure you're doing this for you and no one else and your psyche tells you over a period of time that this is good! Your mind then registers this as a positive thing and that's when you'll start to feel better when you tell yourself these things.

Grab a photo of your role model and take a look at it once a month. No less and no more. It's great to have a visual motivator. If you have a picture of yourself when you were at your ideal weight, then use that instead. No matter if you choose to look at someone else's photo or your own, be sure not to look at it too much because this plan will backfire.

Your goal is to keep yourself motivated when you're facing challenges in your fitness journey. This is going to happen, without a doubt. This picture will help you remind yourself of what you want and when we want something bad enough (or good enough) you're going to work your butt off to get there. (pun intended)

When you choose a photo, if it's not one of yourself, you're going to want to choose the photo of someone with a similar body type as you. If you have a very petite frame, you're not going to want to aspire to achieve the body of Jessica Biel. The same goes for other body types.

If you're working toward the wrong goal (aspiring for a petite body when you're tall and curvy) then you're just going to depress yourself and the negative self talk is going to start all over again.

Other Forms of Inspiration

Getting inspired isn't all about looks. It's often more about purpose. Ask yourself why you're doing something.

Many people are feeling down when they start their fitness journey and are relying completely on workout programs to make them happy. Find something else to do. Jump into a hobby. It's fun, something that focuses on you and that's going to keep you from overworking yourself.

Socialize, go have fun with your friends because it's your friends that are going to help you feel better and lift your spirits.

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