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Benefits From Nordic Walking
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Anyone who is capable of walking will reap benefits from Nordic walking. It is a form of walking that can be done by any person of any age and ability. Nordic walking uses poles which encourage you to use your upper body and arms as well as your legs when walking. This high energy style of walking burns a lot more calories and lessens the impact on joints like ankles, knees and hips. As you can do this almost anywhere at any time of the year without snow or skis and you have a great opportunity to get out and walk in fantastic scenery.

Nordic walking was introduced in Finland as an out of season training regime for cross-country skiers, also known as ski walking.

The poles are similar to ski poles, but shorter than cross-country ski poles. The use of poles means that the upper body muscles are used to propel the walker forward at a faster speed than normal.

The Nordic Walking technique.

To get the most benefits from Nordic walking you need to adopt the correct technique

- Insert your hands into the glove and securely and lightly hold the handles.
- With your hands down by your side, drop the poles down so that the tips are behind you.
- Walk forward and as each arm reaches the top of its forward swing, put the tip of the
pole down, slightly behind you.
- Push your arms back into the poles as you walk forward.
- As your arm moves back past your hip, push back on the pole. This will increase your
momentum forward.

Everyone can enjoy the benefits from Nordic Walking.

This is a fast growing activity used by personal trainers, weight watchers, doctors, armed forces, health professionals who have seen the benefits from Nordic walking. It is affordable and fun. Everyone can benefit, whether you have a medical condition or a highly toned athlete regardless of age.

Enjoy some of the following benefits.

- Good for heart rate and lungs. Improves oxygen consumption.
- Burn up to 45% more calories more than ordinary walking – like swimming
or running without the pain.
- Uses up to 90% of upper body muscles. Good workout for arms, shoulders,
neck, chest and back muscles.
- Reduces the stress on knee, ankle and hip joints.
- Increases endurance and stamina.
- Improves everyday activity such as standing, reaching and getting up.
- Sociable activity. Can walk in groups and chat as you exercise.
- Enhances you sense of well being.
- Reduces stress, anxiety and tiredness. People tend to feel better after some

So for those who enjoy the outdoors and would like to stay fit or become fitter, I recommend you get out there and try it. It is relatively inexpensive to start, you can do it all the year round and you can have fun.

A seasoned walker who lives in the UK and spends a lot of time outdoors in the beautiful English countryside. I enjoy all types of scenery from the mountains in the Lake District, Wales and Scotland, the Yorkshire Dales, the coastline of Cornwall to the downs in the south of England.

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