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Best Ab Exercises For Women
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Want To Know The Best Ab Exercises For Women?

Eek! Petrified! - I can still remember the look on my friends face when I said I could help her by giving her exercises to develop her abs... in fact - it will probably haunt me for a while yet.

The first words she managed to get out were "ABS?! But I don't want abs. I just want a toned, flat, nice looking stomach!" Does this sound similar to what you think about when people talk about ab exercises? Lots of women ask me about the best ab exercises for women, because the first thing that comes to mind when 'abs' are mentioned are 6-pack abs - defined muscles that would ruin their feminine figures... and so they (rightly I should add) run for the hills.

Now, I know what you might be thinking - you instead want to know the specific exercises that will strengthen your mid-section and at the same time flatten your stomach to reveal a toned, flat tummy. But...

Your Body Is A Genius!

When it comes to exercise, your body is actually very clever. It already knows what it is doing and it will always work to keep your body shape as it is. This means that if you do sit-ups, crunches or any other exercise, your body won't develop large 6-pack abs - because it is just not designed to do that. Instead your body will work to tone your abdominal muscles and strengthen them when you exercise your abs, which will lead to a firmer, flatter stomach!

Now I already know that women are very sharp when it comes to exercise, so you won't fall for those gimmicks that get shown on late night TV, or pills offering inches off your stomach in a week, right? Instead, I know you'll be able to focus on what your body is looking for when it comes to getting a great mid-section. So it's a good thing that the correct steps which will develop your abs without getting any undesired, muscular side effects are easy to follow.

A Little Secret...

So here's your first little secret that I hope will encourage you to start getting those results - you don't need to perform hundreds of crunches or any other exercise to get great abs, and I can't stress this point enough. Developing a great mid-section does not take an hour a day - if you manage to train smart. Yes, your abs are endurance muscles that respond to high reps - but to muscles 'high volume' means around 20 reps! The key tip here is to work on the intensity of the exercise, not the amount.

So What Are The Best Ab Exercises For Women?

I want you to get the greatest benefit possible when developing your abs, so this is a topic that needs to be explained in more detail for you to get the best results. To help you, I've put together a report, "Get The Abs You Deserve", and you can pick it up for free to learn about the best ab exercises for women and how you can use them to develop your abs. Get started with our free report and get those great abs on the way!

Talk to you soon, Alex Greene

At TheSixPackGuide we aim to help as many people as possible reach their goals when it comes to their perfect mid-section! If you are feeling lost or confused about what it takes to get great abs, the answer can be found with a proper guide. Visit and download our FREE report and get started today.

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