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Best Workout For Lower Abs
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Best Workout For Lower Abs

Well here is an interesting topic, what is the best workout for lower abs? I am sure this topic could pose a lot of debate so I would love to hear some comments and get some feedback from you. Let's start off by saying that if you have struggled at any point to get rid of the lower abdominal fat, or even being able to see your lower abs then this article just might help you out. If you already have a ripped six pack, the exercises and tactics I am going to show you here will only make your situation better!

To conquer one question I know will arise is that will "lower ab exercises" really help get rid of the stubborn lower ab fat, and the answer is YES, but that's only part of the solution. When you strengthen muscles regardless of where you build long lasting lean muscle and when the muscle replaces the fat, which is about half the size of the fat you will notice obvious symptoms of the "amazing shrinking belly" syndrome and let me tell you, it's a good one to have!

Here are 3 amazing workouts for lower abs that will have everyone drooling over your new and improved ab situation. If the name of the exercise doesn't sound familiar or a little confusing don't worry I will show you and lead you how you can do them.

My absolute favorite workout for lower abs are called groiners and they will leave you feeling so amazing after you do a few and you will totally notice that you are targeting your whole body but extreme emphasis on the lower abs. I usually do these at the end of a workout since they do require a bit of physical exertion so they are a nice way to finish a fun workout.

My second favorite are leg raises and these are awesome addition to your lower ab workouts. Doing leg raises cause your body to stabilize your core and are excellent for shedding lower ab fat. The best part about all of these workouts for lower abs I am showing you is that anyone can do them and typically from anywhere, so there are no excuses left for doing them and getting results.

Last, but of course not least I really enjoy cross body mountain climbers. Cross body mountain climbers are an excellent way to workout your lower abs and they also require a little "twist" of the torso so you will hit your obliques too. I especially love these because there is nothing that is a better compliment to awesome lower abs than sexy obliques, in my opinion anyways. These also allow for a bit of cardio endurance as they will spike your heart rate, which is only going to increase your fat burning potential of the lower abs. This isn't a bad thing!

I can't post videos here, so I will be showing you some videos on workout for lower abs that you can actually see. You probably know at times it's easier to see someone doing them so you have more to go off than just a name of an exercise. Here is my challenge to you, do these 3 lower ab workouts as a circuit and shoot for 5 rounds of 10 reps each, and if you don't get there, it's ok! Please leave me a comment, share this article, and check out the videos from the links highlighted above and let me know if you thought they were good. I would love your feedback and to help you anyway I can, ok? Good luck and I hope you enjoy the above workout for lower abs.

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Great article! Everyone is looking for a way of getting a lean core or maybe even a six pack.

  about 1 decade ago
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