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Body Weight Training Basics - Just Watch The Kids
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Body Weight Training Basics  -  Just Watch the Kids

How do you get in shape with body weight training?

What are the basics? What do you do first?

Kids know how to get fit

Just watch the kids. And follow their lead. Really, just sit and watch kids playing in the front yard, back alley or local playground. They adapt to their surroundings.

What do they do? Why is it an effective roadmap for you to use in building a body weight training program?

Here is what you will observe watching kids play:

  1. They are having fun. They like it. It sounds fairly obvious but apply it to your fitness routine. Don’t go to the 5 am spin class if you hate it. Don’t go to the gym and pound relentlessly on the treadmill if it bores you to tears.
  2. They climb stuff. Climbing involves hand and grip strength, coordination and builds upper body strength.
  3. And then they jump down. Jumping is good for you. It builds the fast twitch fibers which makes muscles grow. You gotta jump.
  4. They sprint, stop, fall and roll and get up and run away. Quick, explosive sprints and random movements are superior to long, endurance type exercises. They build stronger muscles and do it quicker.
  5. They are competitive. They want to win. They want to catch you or get away and not get caught. They’ll sprint hard to catch the ball or dive quickly to not be hit by the ball. You have to want to win.
  6. They are creative. A game can be played in the street with an old coffee can. No baseball bat? Fine, get a broom stick and half an old tennis ball. We got a stick ball game. Nothing can hold them back because the whole idea is point #1. Have fun.

So, how can we apply these lessons learned long ago and now forgotten to implement a great body weight training program?

Be a kid again

Get a jump rope. You can’t go wrong starting out with a jump rope program. Jumping rope is far superior to distance running. It is estimated that a 10 minute continuous jump rope burns more calories than running for 30 minutes.

Start slow to build your form and strengthen the calves. Then keep adding time to your jumping routine until you can get 10 minutes straight. Jumping rope builds strength, stamina, quickness, coordination and agility. A great exercise.

Trade in some of your long, boring run time for 30 to 40 yard sprints. Keep in mind that sprint is a relative term. To start, it can mean running just slightly faster than your jogging pace. Gradually build up to about an ¾ all out effort.

Sprinting builds the legs and lung capacity. And it does it fast. Sprint. Walk back. Sprint again. You can do six or eight 40 yards sprints in 15 minutes and the workout is superior to running distance for 40 minutes. Going fast is good.

Another nice addition to your body weight training routine are crawling exercises. Yes, crawl around like an animal. The bear crawl is a basic movement that will build your shoulders, triceps, legs and entire core area. Just crawl. Slowly at first until you can move quicker. It is kind of fun.

Kids have fun. You have fun.

And fun is the key. Enjoy what you are doing. Design a body weight training program you like doing and will continue to do. Make sure it is easy to implement (e.g., home based and minimal equipment required helps) to eliminate excuses.

Watch the kids. Follow their lead. Have fun.

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