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Body Weight Training For Biceps Or How To Load The Guns
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Body Weight Training for Biceps Or How to Load the Guns

Can you build your biceps using body weight training?

Guys want big arms. Are we insecure or something?

Yes you can use bodyweight exercises for biceps training. The bicep muscle moves the lower arm towards the upper arm, closing the elbow. The triceps muscle does the opposite, opens the elbow joint. So any bodyweight exercises for the biceps has to mimic this motion of closing the elbow to load the muscle directly.

Why pump the bicep?

Since our ultimate goal is to be healthy, fit, shredded and have big guns with the minimum amount of time invested, we shouldn’t be focused on bodyweight exercises for biceps. This is the old cart before the horse syndrome. Biceps and triceps are finishing work at the end of a workout, if we even hit them at all.

And you know those big arms don’t look that good if your gut is hanging over your belt.

Complex movements first

Begin with some multi-joint movements to pump the blood and burn the calories. The biceps are secondary movers on all upper body pulling exercises.

So if in the back of your mind you’re thinking “I’ve got to pump the Bi’s before hitting the senior center for shuffleboard”, then in the front of your mind you should plan a Back/Bi body weight training workout.

It may look like this:

1) Pull Ups 3 sets of max

1a) do an abdominal exercise during the rest period like Mountain Climbers

2) Horizontal Rows 2 sets of 15 standard grip

2a) another core movement like Floor Sweepers during the rest period

2b) Horizontal Rows 2 sets of 10 wide grip with a pause at the top of the pull

2c) Turkish Get Ups 2 sets of 10 each side with a light dumbbell

How do you feel?

You are sweating like a, well like a pig. Your lats are pumped. Your traps are standing up. Your biceps and forearms are full of blood. Nice job.

Still need more body weight training work?

OK the only true bodyweight exercises for biceps are the chin up and horizontal rowing with a reversed grip. Both can work. We’ll do the chin up today.

A chin up is simply a pull up with the hands reversed. The palms of the hands are facing towards you during the chin up. This change of hand position puts a lot more focus on the bicep as the primary mover.

So do some chin ups.

3 sets of max. If you want a true body weight training exercise for the bicep, it is the chin up. And it really is a great finisher to this workout.

Was this a successful body weight training workout?

You did some complex pulling movements and burned the calories.

You pumped the lats, mid back, traps and forearms.

You shredded the abdominal's with a great core workout.

And you finished by pushing the pain barrier with the chin ups.

That's the way to do arms. Biceps or Triceps. Always tack them on a workout that would otherwise be complete without them. The real health benefits are in the big, complex movements.

Focus on the big stuff

Big movers first in body weight training and all types of training for that matter. Finishing, single joint movements at the end if still have some gas.

Now go impress those girls with your shuffleboard skills.

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