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Can I Make My Butt Bigger?
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Can I Make My Butt Bigger?

With all the skinny jeans, tight pants and ultra small shorts in fashion these last couple of years female behinds seem to get a lot more attention in the media and in real life.

And with many celebrities like Jennifer Lopez, Beyoncé, Sofía Vergara, Shakira, Kim Kardashian etc. sporting actual curves compared to the completely hungered down models of past years you might be asking yourself "how can I make my butt bigger?".

There are several possibilities to change your appearance in that area. I'll show you a couple of ways to achieve that goal and some important aspects to consider:

The easy (but definitely not advised) road

With plastic surgery becoming an ever more common way of modifying any part of your body, even changing the appearance of your butt by just seeing a doc -and spending some of your hard earned cash to buy his 3rd Ferrari- has, of course, also become a possibility these days.

However, getting some sort of implants into your butt, whether it be surgical implants or your own body fat from other areas, could of course be considered "cheating". But way more importantly: Any kind of unnecessary surgery poses a risk that should be very deeply considered. The unwanted effects here can range from just bringing suboptimal optical results to very serious and permanent health troubles (possibly even death). The verdict: Not cool at all.

Padding and lifting up

What used to be exclusive to breasts has lately been adapted to other body parts as well. With bras it is somewhat established to use pads and angled cups to arrange everything in a way to achieve the size and form and maybe the cleavage your are aiming for.

Doing the same for your butt, however, is still rather new and.. well.. basically just silly. There are products like the strangely named "Booty Wow" lifting up your butt with a special strap construction and then there are pads to wear inside of your pants or different forms of "pre-padded" panties.

Apart from being pretty visible and mostly looking completely unrealistic these external butt enhancers must really be the basis for some bizarre and maybe even comical situations. Let's just say I don't necessarily want to see the look on some guys' faces when discovering where that "bubble butt" actually came from.

These products, to me, pretty clearly fall into the category of "Are you serious?!"

Healthy and balanced eating

Obviously one of the most important aspects when it comes to any change in the human body is nutrition. How and what you put into your body not only greatly determines your physical and mental efficiency and capability but has obviously significant effects on your overall appearance as well.

The ever ongoing diet and weight loss trend has come to a degree where a lot of women are trying to become thin by any means to the point of loosing all the curves and bumps that used to constitute a female physique.

The advice here should be: Don't be surprised when all your weight loss efforts leave you with a flat butt and hardly any female curves. Eating healthy, balanced and above all: Providing a big enough energy intake for your body to run properly and build up a bit of fat where it's supposed to be is never a bad idea.

Working out

Under that -thinner or thicker, depending on your overall body fat percentage- layer of fat on your butt there is a lot of muscle tissue. Or at least there should be. The Gluteus maximus is the muscle that is in charge of making up most of the appearance and shape of your butt. And while there is no such thing as a "spot reduction" when it comes to burning fat it is definitely possible to target specific muscles to grow. I.e.: You CAN specifically work out your butt to make it bigger, rounder and stronger.

As with everything in life it is a good idea to balance workout and resistance training evenly over the different muscle groups in your body. But since the Gluteus maximus is by volume the largest and also the strongest in the human body and happens to be of importance for about every movement in your daily life that involves you moving your body around it is never wrong to give it some special care.

Exercises you should consider

Since there are a lot of movements that involve the muscles in your butt there are also a lot of different exercises that can be done to increase the amount of muscle tissue on our behind.

Probably everybody knows the special "legs, bums and tums" classes being offered in about every gym -and probably hated by hundreds of thousands of women all over the world. To efficiently build up muscle mass, however, there is still no way around involving some heavier weights into the equation and doing some good old resistance training.

And while you're at getting a bit more serious about your workout you should really consider doing some of the super efficient compound exercises not involving any of the fancy machines in your gym.

If you're not doing them already, ask your trainer about Lunges, Romanian Deadlifts, Hip Extensions, Step-Ups and of course: Squats. That last one is a real McGuyver of workout exercises. You should really check out some of the other benefits of squats for women which go way beyond just a fashion consideration. Actually. No workout plan should be without at least one variation of the squat.

So what should you do?

In the end it is obviously up to you which way you want to go to achieve your perfect look. Of all the available choices there is one, however, that clearly stands out when taking all aspects into consideration and not just thinking for the moment.

Exercising and working out (ideally combined with a balanced and healthy diet) should always be the #1 choice when trying to alter the appearance of your body. Not only are you doing something to improve your looks but you are also doing something to prepare yourself better for everyday activities, slow down your aging process, help your body prevent injuries, boost your energy, strengthen your immune system, relief stress, upgrade your mood, improve your self esteem.. that list could go on. Pretty convincing to me.

Let me know what you think in the comments section below! And if you like this article why not share or "like" it.

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You was two full cup sizes bigger and the best part about the Boost Your Bust method is that you don't have to go through any expensive and painful surgery.

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