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Choosing The Right Fit For Your Zumba Shoes
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Choosing the Right Fit for Your Zumba Shoes

Choosing your new pair of Zumba shoes won’t be difficult if you follow just a few guidelines. With so many wonderful styles, sizes, and favorite brands, you should have little difficulty finding exactly what your feet need. Lucky for your feet, it is human nature to seek perfection. Select a pair of good shoes for Zumba that are as close to perfect as possible.

Priority number one is to buy your Zumba shoes according to what your feet need. As I mentioned, focus on “what your feet need”. It’s so easy to be tempted by style and color but remember that fashion is for your emotions, not your feet!

Do you have a wide or narrow foot? Skinny heel? Maybe you have high arches or instep or flat feet. Buy a shoe that supports accordingly.

What is your experience level? Beginner, advanced, maybe you are an instructor? Instructors spend a lot of time on their feet so having very supporting, lightweight shoes with mesh uppers and a spin spot make a busy instructor quite happy.

Your responses matter and will help you understand exactly what will work best for your unique foot. Keep in mind that comfort and flexibility are part of a good fit.

There are dozens of good shoes for Zumba that are okay for average feet. The really great ones are made specifically for fitness dance and boast multiple features engineered for a dancer’s foot. Features like a spin spot, adjustable laces, split soles or transition soles and superior construction.

Most of the favorite sneakers for Zumba are from the familiar brands you know and trust. Ryka Studio D, Bloch Boost, Nike Musique Series and Capezio Dansneakers top the list year after year.

Ryka has a new dance fitness shoe called the Ryka Transition. It’s ability to go from dance class to gym workout without changing shoes makes it quite popular.

For those whose feet don’t do well in a split sole, Bloch now has their extremely popular Bloch Lightening shoes(sometimes spelled Bloch Lightning). This is a fun shoe that comes in several different bright color combos. Don’t let the fun look fool you. It’s a sturdy, well-built shoe perfect for dance fitness.

The Nike Musique Series continues to top the charts. Geared toward dance, not walking, running, or gymnastics, Musique III and IV continue to be best sellers for the right reasons.

So . . which Zumba shoes should you buy? As with all footwear, the right Zumba shoes are the ones that fit YOU. Say “no” to a shoe that hurts, squeezes, rubs, or allows your feet to slide around inside. Don’t sacrifice quality for price. You could end up wishing you'd spent the money up front for that awesome pair of perfect fitting shoes.

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