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Chronic Injuries: Medical Treatment Vs Movement Treatment
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Chronic Injuries: Medical Treatment Vs Movement Treatment

When it comes to the medical treatment vs movement treatment debate ... 

  • Medical treatment for acute injuries IS absolutely the best approach.


When it comes to chronic injuries/pain conventional medical treatment has a high failure rate. This is because it fails to actually address the root cause of the problem.

For example:

1) You've been working-out a while or may have just begun your exercise program and after a couple of weeks notice that you're having knee pain. You've tried the conventional approach - rest, ice, popped some ibuprofen or the like - the pain subsides temporarily but continues to comes back and you just can't seem to get rid of it completely. It's now beginning to impede your overall performance.


2) Every day you spend hours in a chair, on your feet or walking as part of your job requirement and like clockwork spend many of those days with chronic low back pain. You've done the conventional treatment of rest, heat/ice, anti-inflammatories, perhaps even PT or had a steroid injection like cortisone to ease the pain, but the pain returns and persists.

The medical treatment for chronic pain/injury is the same as the medical treatment for acute pain/injury. You see the doc, he tells you to continue icing, prescribes a stronger NSAID, gives you a cortisone shot, and tells you to "rest". You feel better, return to your workout routine or job...and, return to the pain. The process may repeat itself several more times, until finally you're referred to the specialist who schedules surgery to "fix" the problem. I think you know how that turns out. Thousands of people experience this frustration on a regular basis.

Popping a few pills or getting a cortisone shot does not fix or address the root problem; which is improper movement of either the area affected or the supporting muscle groups or body parts. Additionally, the longer you "live" with the chronic pain/injury, the more likely you are to develop an additional injury and/or dysfunctional movement patterns that will result in more chronic injuries / pain. Until the movement flaws are corrected, the pain and dysfunction will remain, recur, become worse, and frequently spread to other areas.

Learning to move properly is imperative to a pain free existence. Training yourself to move the parts of the body which are meant to move, and stabilize the parts which aren't , is vital. Through proper assessment and exercise selection, you can go a long ways to ensuring you remain pain free and begin to clean up aches and pains which have been plaguing you.

AND...for those of you who subscribe to the "at least I'm doing _______ (fill in the blank), that's better than nothing" philosophy - Here's some enlightenment:

Poor exercise programming frequently CREATES dysfunction, followed by pain.

Even if you're pain free, learning to move properly is the BEST preventive measure, and for athletes (and wannabes) it ALWAYS results in improved performance and physical condition.

Stop treating symptoms, and address the REAL cause of your aches and pains. It's time to train functionally!  


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