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Cold Weather Running - Is It Ever Too Cold?
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Cold Weather Running  -  Is it Ever Too Cold?

Most fitness enthusiasts either enjoy the coming of winter or they dread it. For some it's a time to get out and enjoy winter activities such as cross country skiing and snowshoeing. It's a break from warm weather running that can be harder on your joints. But what if you live in the city and don't have access to these sports. Is cold weather running harmful? Is it ever too cold to get out and log some miles?

If you are used to working out during the warmer months, and slow down in the winter months due to cold weather, you are aware of the physical loses due to inactivity. Year round exercise is so good for you! Not only does it promote weight control, it also impacts your mood in a positive manner, improves your energy level, promotes better sleep, and relieves stress. Taking some time off in the winter can lead to weight gain that will be hard to shed once you start again. You will also lose the fitness levels you gained over the summer. Within a few weeks of stopping your workouts you can lose as much as twenty percent of your cardio fitness level.

So how can cold weather running work for you? Can you get yourself out there and have an enjoyable cold weather running experience? Of course you can! You just have to dress appropriately. With today's high tech clothing that is designed for active folks, you can be warm and dry while logging the miles.

The trick to cold weather running, besides good shoes, is to layer your clothing so you are warm yet you can vent as your body heats up. You may be a little chilly when you start but as soon as you get a half mile down the road you will be comfortable. How many layers are right for you depends on you. That will take some experimentation. Just choose clothing that wicks moisture from your skin and try several layers. After a few cold weather running days you will know exactly what works best for you. It is better to be too warm than too cold. You can always unzip a layer or two.

To protect yourself be sure to cover your extremities: your hands, your head, and your feet. These areas lose heat quickly. A waterproof layer is good when you are out on a snowy day. Franz enjoys a good run in the snow!

So, don't let winter slow you down! Cold weather running is definitely a healthy thing for you to do. Just dress accordingly, grab a scarf if it's really cold, be sure to hydrate before you go, and just keep moving! Watch out for icy spots along the way and have a good time!

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