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Create The Best Chest Workout - Exercises Not To Forget About
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Create The Best Chest Workout  -  Exercises Not To Forget About

To create the kind of workout that will get your chest pumped and feeling like you've really worked it out you need to use the right exercises, especially if you want to get results too. Want to build muscle, lose weight or even get that natural boob lift girls, there are certain exercises that everyone considers the king of chest exercises. So, the best chest workout - exercises that will get you feeling the burn, here is what you'll need to know

Like I've said in many of my posts, compound exercises are the "big daddy" when it comes to effective training. These are the ones that will get you the best results in the shortest space of time because they recruit more muscle fibers than isolation exercises. Yes you might feel the burn a little the next day but they are still not as effective as the good ol' compound exercise.

I won't bore you to death telling you about what a compound move is as I've said it several times. We'll just move onto what exercises you should be doing.

If you're in the gym, the best exercises you should be doing to workout that chest is the bench press. Either the barbell or dumbbell variation.

Barbell bench press is the big one of the two. You can lift slightly heavier weights but this requires a spotter or power rack/smith machine to be done safely. Personally I prefer doing the dumbbell bench press. I find them safer and each pectoral muscle gets the same workout as one side can't compensate for the other if it's slightly weaker. So this is an excellent chest exercise for you if you have one side of your chest slightly lagging behind.

If you're working out at home the mother of all exercises is obviously, the press up. The exercise that everyone knows about but don't know how effective it can be! These can be made more tougher by investing in a set of resistance bands or something as simple as a backpack with some weight in there. Chuck a few litre bottles of water in a bag and try doing press ups and tell me you didn't find it tougher.

With all these exercises there are several different variations. Incline, flat or decline. Each targets your pecs slightly differently, so try and incorporate at least two of them in your workouts. Also, with the press up, you can do even more variations of the exercise by changing your hand position, raising your feet adding a clap to each rep.

All down to your imagination!

So, remember to add some of these exercises into your workout if you really want a chest workout. You can create a good routine with these moves just like I have. I like to spice my workouts up by mixing bodyweight moves and gym moves in the same workout and try different variations every 6-8 weeks. I hope you enjoy feeling your a sore chest the next day... I do!

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