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Effective Sprinting Variations For Cardio
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If you weren’t aware, sprints are one of the most effective high-intensity cardio exercises you can use. This exercise is a great option for rapidly decreasing fat, while building lean muscle at the same time.

Many people are intimidated by sprints… Don’t be. You must understand that every person starts at a different level of advancement. You’re not going to sprint as fast as Usian Bolt. You must work your way until sprints feel comfortable.

At first, they are going to seem incredibly difficult and you will immediately start doubting whether or not this exercise is right for you. Eliminate these negative thoughts, and go face-to-face with this great cardio challenge.

It is very important that you warm-up the correct way before performing sprints. This exercise is very explosive, and it crucial that your muscles and joints are warm to prevent any potential injury.

The most effective way to warm-up for any exercise activity is through dynamic stretching. I highly recommend avoiding static stretching before because there is overwhelming evidence that it actually reduces explosiveness, does not warm up the muscles, and may even potentially cause injury.

If you’re a sprinting beginner then you should focus on the traditional sprint.

Beginning with the traditional sprint will help you build a foundation for more advanced sprinting exercises in the future.

One important rule to remember is the distance that you run the sprints. You never sprint futher than 60 yards because it will deteriorate your running form, you won’t be able to maintain 100 percent intensity, and you could force the body into an aerobic state. As you should know, this is not the purpose of sprints.

A great beginners routine you can use looks like this: 4 sprints at 60 yards, 4 sprints at 40 yards, and 4 sprints at 20 yards.

Once the traditional sprint becomes easier, you can transition onto interval sprints.

Interval sprints increase both aerobic and anaerobic cardio endurance. If your goal is lose weight and keep it off for good, then you should definitely consider using this excellent exercise. Interval sprints will not incinerate fat, but will build lean muscle at the same time.

One of the best interval sprint circuit is performed on a track. Start by jogging or walking the straight side of a track, and then sprint at 100 percent intensity around the curve. Continue this jog and sprint motion for about 4-6 laps.

Some other great sprinting variations include hill sprints and resistance sprints. Both are very difficult so make sure you build a great foundation before attempting the workouts. Don't be intimidated by sprints because you're missing out a great opportunity to transform your body!

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