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Electric Mountain Bikes
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Electric Mountain Bikes

Electric Mountain Bike.

Bicycles are not what they used to be. We have all seen evidence of that. In the not too distant past, most bikes looked and rode like every other one. Then things began to slowly change for the better with the advent of gears, padded seats, shock absorbers etc. These days there is a bike for every occasion, from state of the art racing bikes that weigh virtually nothing, to heavy-duty mountain bikes that look nasty and can take the severe punishment of off-road cycling and other similar pursuits, like tearing down mountain tracks at breakneck speed, where it is more likely that the rider will break before the bike does. 

Then we have the electric bicycle. While people have experimented with adding power packs to bikes in the past, modern electric motors combined with the latest innovations in battery technology have led to the electric bicycle becoming a much more viable and attractive option, especially when you consider that a huge number of people travel distances to and from work etc that are not that great, but perhaps just a little too far or too hilly to walk. An electric or E-Bike will get you there in good time and without you exhausting yourself in the process.

The latest electric bikes will often incorporate the power source, the battery, into the frame so that it is not only less obtrusive than earlier models, but does not affect the centre of balance of the bike as older top-mounted batteries could. The life and performance of the new lithium ion batteries has also improved enormously, meaning longer riding times and distances between charges, along with shorter charging times and cheaper charging costs. A good bike with a good battery can cost as little as five cents to charge and give you up to 40 kilometres (sometimes more) of riding, and obviously a lot more if you combine the electric power with your own leg power. Which brings me to the next point. Electric bikes are not the lazy person’s bike. Just because the bike has an electric motor fitted does not mean that you have to sit there and let the bike do all the work. On most good models you have a number of options.

First there is auto assist, where the motor will kick in after one or two turns of the pedals and will give you continuous assistance as long as the pedals are being turned.

Next is the manual option, in which the motor will not kick in until you squeeze the handlebar (just like a motor bike), so that you can ride the bike under your own steam, getting as much exercise as you want, until you feel like you need a little assistance, say on a nasty hill, or perhaps you want to get somewhere faster without working yourself into a lather of sweat. There is often more than one power setting too, so you can have a bit of gentle help or some stronger, much more noticeable help.

And lastly there is pedal power alone. Just because the motor is there doesn’t mean you HAVE to use it. These E-Bikes can be pedalled quite easily as a normal bike, and on most good bikes the battery can be easily removed which lightens the bike considerably making it even easier to use as a normal bike. I personally own a mean looking electric mountain bike, which has a lithium ion battery that lifts out in a flash, meaning I can take it into the office to charge. I wouldn’t tackle the ride to work on a non-electric bike as it is just too far and there are too many hills, meaning I would arrive sweaty and exhausted.  It has handled everything I have thrown at it so far and hasn’t blinked. So give it some thought. Leave the gas-guzzler at home, get some exercise, and help save the planet. You know it will make you feel good.


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