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Excited Exerciser? How To Keep Up Your Enthusiasm Without Driving Everyone Else Nuts
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Excited Exerciser? How to Keep Up Your Enthusiasm Without Driving Everyone Else Nuts

You bound in, skin flushed and dewy from your last class, run or other exercise activity. Your heart rate is still a little up there, you are gulping down water and you can't wait to share your accomplishments with whomever you manage to trap. The only problem? No one, absolutely no body wants to hear it again today. They are rolling their eyes and mouthing "shut up" behind your back. They call you Pollyanna and Donna Doright when you are not around. You know you have gone overboard with your excitement when the most exercise other people are getting is running away from you. Before you start chasing off your own friends and family members, there are a few things that you should think about.

Sure, you are pleased with your accomplishments and wow, it sure was great to have set a personal record, but it is only a welcome part of the conversation when someone asks you or when you are talking to others who are working out with you. Even people who are doing similar workout programs might be interested in hearing a portion of your news but the other people have heard enough. If you think you are overdoing it, then stop and consider your last three conversations with the three people that you talk to most often. If all of those conversations focused directly on your exercise efforts, you are overdoing it. If there were questions asked and you merely answered, you are probably okay.

Most people are aware that they need to exercise - you have not stumbled on some magic, mystery secret that you and you alone need to share with the world. It is on the news, every magazine, newspaper and the internet. You can't turn your head without something about exercise blasting you. They get it, they do. But, motivation is not something that can be crammed down someone's throat and the more that you brag and boast, the less your captive audience is likely to decide to join in.

But, there are plenty of people who are just looking for the right encouragement. Instead of forcing people to listen to you over and over, let them notice your positive changes and ask questions. Suggest they join you for something that you think they will really enjoy. The less that you try to force them, the more likely you are to get a workout friend. It beats chasing them from room to room to make them listen to you again.

Street Talk

This reminded me f when I was in highschool always talking about running at the lunch table about the girl across from me... I ended up marrying that girl but she let me know i annoyed her those times haha.

  about 8 years ago

Great article...When I initially starting running and making progress I found myself doing this and have done exactly what you said. I enjoyed reading the article it brought back some memories from the past..

  about 1 decade ago
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