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EXERCISE: 14 Secrets To Make It More Effective In Half The Time
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EXERCISE: 14 secrets to make it more effective in half the time

Waiting for the bus No time for exercise. And now what? Let’s not despair. We can exploit the time waiting for the bus or wash the dishes, to tighten our abs. Take a deep breath and stretch our breasts. Then exhale, trying to "suck" in our stomach. We stay in this position for several seconds and relax. We can start with 5 repetitions each day, each of which lasts 2-3 seconds.

Focus elsewhere Usually, when we do strength training, we focus on the key part (eg Lifting of the back in case of abs). To do the exercises 2 times more effective, we must also pay attention and in the movement with which we return to our original position (eg climb to 2 times and go down to 2).

Find your rhythm Walking is, according to experts, the ideal way to get weak, tight and athletic body. But can be more effective if we get the best rhythm. How will we achieve it? Start walking gradually increasing the rhythm pace every 30 seconds (we will get helped by the busy move of our hands), until we reach the point to start jogging. We also have to make sure that our breathing is fast (eg. We are panting).

Less gossip The easiest way to make a more effective workout: Reduce the breaks between exercises and let the conversations with our new friends at the gym later on. So, we keep our heart beat at a high level longer, we manage to burn more calories and reduce time in the gym.

"Hidden" charges Every time we go somewhere walking, we can wear on the wrists and ankles specific weights which are being sold in the market. Hide easily under our clothes, so nobody is going to see them! We help us burn more calories while get stronger at the same time. We have to take care though, because the big weight can be difficult for us to walk and possibly cause an injury. A one-pound dumbbell in each hand and foot is enough, experts advise.

Mix it up If we have only 30 minutes in the gym, we can do a bit of everything. What does this mean? Start with 5 minutes in the treadmill, continue with another 5 minutes on the bike and end with step 5 minutes extra. Then we do another round of the same exercise machines. In this way we will succeed to train different muscle groups in no time, and while doing aerobic exercise. Though we must, be careful to not make big breaks in between (no more than 1 minute).

Energy in bed Calories are burned with sex also. Selection of specific positions is the "key". For example, if we are over with the tips of our feet touching the mat and go up and down, is like doing mini push-ups. The list is endless, so we only have to use our imagination!

Stand on your height The most common mistake of those who get exercise is that they haven’t the correct posture. Throughout the exercise we must be sure that our spine is in a straight line from head to "tail". So, we are sure that our core muscles "work", while are not burdening the back and our waist. This applies to any kind of exercise, from running up to the strengthening exercises.

Burn calories Increasing the intensity we practice, we gain later benefits. Essentially, our body continues to burn extra calories even when we stop to get exercise. Of course we have to get exercise in the 75% of our Maximum Heart Rate. Of course, experts advise not to get so hard practice every day in order to avoid possible injuries. To calculate the Maximum Frequency of our Heart we have to subtract our age from 220.

Get the mountains Increasing the slope in the treadmill by 2% (like running in an uphill), we do a 20 minute workout such effective as of a 30 minutes workout since our heart and muscles work much harder. Of course for those who have the ability can walk rapidly or run in a real hill!

Walking on Water For beginners, pregnant women or people who want a mild exercise, walking ... in the pool or the seaside is the solution. Walking on the water, we burn almost twice as many calories than classic walking, because water offers more resistance than air. Furthermore, exercise strengthens leg muscles and is ideal even for people with joint pains, as water reduces vibration.

Divide the time Studies have shown that 60 minutes of aerobic exercise may have the same effect as three 20 minute workouts. So if we are not able to devote a full hour to exercise, we can walk 3 times a day, for example going and returning from the office or doing our external jobs.

Less weight When we don’t push our body (using for example the 70% of our capabilities), we may give more importance to technical and have better performance. It is better to use lighter weights and perform the exercise correctly than to lift more weight and have poor execution technique. So we get trained correctly, efficiently, and avoid injuries.

Before exercise Before our workout, stretching the muscles that are going to exercise will help us to get faster and better results. To soften the back of our leg, we can, balancing on one leg, and pressing just tiptoed to the edge of a step, let slowly the heel to get lower below the staircase, as far as we can handle the draw. We stay in this position for 15-20 seconds and we change foot.

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