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Exercise Or A Way Of Life!
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Exercise Or A Way Of Life!

Please! do one thing before you plan any walking activities… especially if you have been inactive for a while; Go to See Your Doctor! Tell him what you intend to do, ask his advice. Also, at the outset of you’re walking; {because walking will increase your heart rate} and this is good! Always stay well within your limits that you know you can manage.

It is of no matter if you have a dog… or not, don’t let that stop you from going out for a steady walk. Having said that I fully understand that not all of us around the world are blessed with living within the confides of a more than acceptable social neighborhood?

This unfortunate world-wide situation blights many a city in most all countries. There is however a way around the situation after all; walking out alone is never advisable for any one! Below are a few examples of how you can still benefit from weight loss from walking.

Ask your wife/husband/partner to join you. Members of your family, brother, sister mom, dad, aunt’s, uncle’s “Well” you know what I mean! You can add your neighbor and best friend to your list… Any one you like, you will probably be doing them a big favorer without even knowing it, how great is that!

Another excellent way to get someone to walk with is to join your local walking group! These are great organizations that are there for you to participate in and enjoy. The beauty of a walking group is that you will never be alone when walking, and you can choose the distance and difficulty of the walk that suites you best.

By doing your walking this way you are in total control, there is always support for you and companionship, coupled with a common interest that you all share. They will always help and advise you in every aspect of your walking adventures. I myself belong to a walking group and have made many friends through walking. They meet up most weeks for a variety if different activities.

Healthy walking has been proven to keep Heart Disease at bay! Along with walking being a very low impact exercise there is proof that it can delay or even prevent the onset of Alzimers Disease, and that is phenomenal, especially when such a debilitating complaint is bearing down and can creep up on us at any given time. We need to guard against that at all cost!

Please forgive me BUT; I am going to assume that you have never used walking for weight loss and fitness before now. Keeping your Heart Healthy is not as hard as you may think. Try to walk for 15 minutes a day over and above what you normally do! Do this for as many days as you can manage. 4 is good, 5 is great, 6 is excellent But you must rest on day seven.

If 5 or 6 days continuous is difficult for you, no problem! Do what you feel comfortable with without any side effects. Try to walk 15 minutes every other day you will still be doing four days. Maintain this for 2 weeks and at the same pace. You will feel some tightness in your leg and calf muscles, this is good this means that they are growing stronger all the time. All you are doing is asking you legs to do a little more than you normally do.

Let’s see how this stacks up, If you walk 15 minutes a day for 6 days that equals out to {90 minutes} 1 & ½ hours of exercise that you have done over and above any other activities like general household duties and chores: that ladies and gents is how easy it is for you to benefit from your walking efforts. If we times that by two weeks, that’s {180 minutes} = 3 hours…!!! Well done you are amazing! Keep it up; the benefits are far reaching and continuous. Simply put; Little Change Make a Massive Difference over Time? I am Proud of you! Please Be Very Proud of Yourself!

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