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Exercises For The Sea, Pool And Sunbed
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Exercises for the Sea, Pool And Sunbed

Light exercises to keep your body well away from the gym.

Have you traveled out of town, the tension, worries, its habits. You are either on the beach at the edge of a pool, you discover how unbearable the heat of cement in one - cool - room. How would you like to find a way to keep your body at a satisfactory level of wellness and free form of bars, dumbbells and fitness? We give you some instructs slight but effective exercises.

At sea A pair of flippers is a solution to workout the legs, a solution that may not have thought. The resistance is greater and the quadriceps are being activated immediately. Running into the sea? Yet the resistance of the water increases with your speed. Lateral variations in the water can train your adductors and the kidnappers.

in the pool Place a ball between the legs, keeping them unmoving. With continuous circular movements of the hands hold your body over the surface of the water, from chest height and above. For the training of the legs level your body to the surface, keeping the ball forward with outstretched hands and straight scissors or dolphin kind movements carry forward your body: You exercise both legs and buttocks.

In lounger ... You can perform two exercises while you are lying in the sunbed: holding a towel taut with both hands making a semicircular movement from the neck up to eye level. Very good exercise for your arms and shoulders which stimulates the deltoid and large muscles of the shoulder girdle and back. Hold the towel taut behind your waist with elbows firmly stretched gradually lift your hands. Exercise great for triceps.

In room You can do dips on the edge of the bed if the height of the bed is appropriate for the proper execution of the exercise, both bent and stretched legs. Bending is easy and feasible since it requires minimal space. A good idea is to take with you a gymnastics elastic which not only is easy to carry, but can cover a wide range of exercises.

This article has been written for all of you who are on vacation or are about to leave, because holidays do not mean that we stop to do anything but that we change what we do on our daily schedule and do what we want and we can’t having a busy schedule living many of us in big cities. However do not overdo it because you're on vacation.

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