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Fast Twitch Muscle Workouts
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You may be looking to improve your performance in sports, your job, or overall body fitness. Whatever your reasoning is, it is important to treat all muscle fibers with care. Fast twitch muscle workouts are highly intense exercises that are all about power and self-control. Daily you use fast and slow twitch muscle, and it is vital that you train both of them appropriately. You may be looking to improve your performance in sports, job, or overall body fitness. Whatever your reasoning is, it is important treat all muscle fibers with care. I will give you a brief introduction on how fast twitch muscle workouts work on the body and a few examples.

To see good results you must stick to the routine and keep it consistent. With this type of training you should see great results in your jumping ability along with other advantages. Just remember to keep the exercises high intensity with speed with extended rest periods. You will be putting alot of pressure on your muscle groups and they will need the adequate rest to complete the workout.

Fast twitch muscles are not as dependent on oxygen reserves as the slow twitch muscles. The slow twitch muscles are what you utilize when doing something for an extended period of time like a long distance run. One thing most people do not realize is that slow twitch muscles twitch faster and recover faster. If you do fast twitch muscle workouts properly and efficiently your muscles will be sore and they will take time recover.

Three Main Muscle Fibers in the Body:

Type I: Slow Twitch Fibers.

Type IIa: Fast Twitch Fibers.

Type IIb: Fast Twitch Fibers

I will not go into much detail into each fiber, but just remember there are two different type of fast twitch muscle fibers. The simple way to look at it that once one groups gets tired you have a reserve group.

Just to get you started with a basic routine here a few exercises related to fast twitch muscle workouts I would recommend for trying fast twitch muscle workouts:

Jump Squats: 3 sets of 10 at a steady pace (rest 1 minute)

Leg Press: 3 sets of 6 (rest 2 minutes)

Jump Wall Squats: 3 sets of 10 per side (start a couple of feet away from the wall and jump as high as you can touching the wall)

This will give you an introduction on how fast twitch muscle workouts work on the body. This is just the basics to these types of exercises. I would encourage to stay with a fitness program consistently but as I always recommend you should never be doing just one type of workout. Plyometrics is another great alternative, which works on the fast twitch muscle fibers as well.

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