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As I hurried into the aerobics room for my usual Monday morning hourly sculpt class a few weeks ago, I was struck by how unusually crowded it was. All the ladies had their steps and risers set up, each had two different sets of weights, and a floor mat was rolled up beside their bottle of water.The music ramped up a notch as the instructor was getting ready to start. I inched my way in and darted artfully across the floor to retrieve all my equipment and joined the class in time for the warm-up squats and arm presses.

Years ago, in my younger days, I was a certified YMCA aerobics instructor. I loved it then and I love it now, except I decided to let the younger gals take over the teaching. Despite all the benefits of aerobic exercise, when the knees scream "stop", it's time to at least slow down.

So, here I was amongst all shapes, sizes and ages. I wasn't the oldest (thank goodness), and the youngest was about 40 years my junior. I hadn't seen her before but she looked very pretty in her bright pink top contrasting her blond curls, but ouch, she was about 50 lbs overweight and her backside was not one I would be proud to own.

Please don't get me wrong, I'm not equating weight with beauty or anything like that. It's all about being fit, healthy and in control. Obviously she felt the same way, because she had taken the first step to get her body in shape and had joined our gym.

After 30 minutes she was totally out of breath and her movements had slowed, she had difficulty bending, raising her legs up and completing any overhead arm movements. As for the abs portion of the class, she could barely raise herself off the mat. Her shoulders slumped, her posture was ruined and she was exhausted. But at least she was trying and that was the beginning of the uphill climb.

So, after the class I couldn't resist speaking with her. She was very sweet and asked me how I kept up "at my age" and how badly she wanted to get in shape. She told me she had lost some weight but just couldn't get rid of the nasty lumps and bulges all around her hips, buttocks, thighs and stomach.

Well, naturally, I jumped in with my two cents worth of valuable information and have been helping her ever since with specific exercises and a couple of other "secrets" that I've learned along the way. I saw her again this morning. She was wearing the same hot pink top and black spandex leggings and she waved as I came in, late as usual. Wow, she looked great. Her roll of flab around the middle was almost gone, and her backside was almost half the size it had been. The only thing bigger was the happy grin on her face !

Since then, I decided to start helping more of the "newbies" who join our gym and I turned them on to the best program I'd ever seen online and written by a Certified Fitness Trainer like myself. I just know I'm going to see lots of big grins and small butts in the weeks and months to come !

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