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Get Up And Go! Get Up And Dance!
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Get Up And Go! Get Up And Dance!

Getting up to do exercise is such an important part of the day. That’s why doing something fun like dancing is so crucial in playing the part of getting you motivated. Most people go through a routine of lying in bed and watching the clock tick down as the window of opportunity slowly disappears. So how do you get yourself out of bed? What gives you that extra oomph to get going in the morning? And once you’re there, what motivates you to jump around and burn energy?

I’m no angel and when it comes to getting up in the mornings, I like a lie in as much as the next person. The incentive to get out of bed, however, comes from many sources of inspiration. As with anything in life – this is absolutely true – our subconscious spends most of its time getting us to move away from pain towards pleasure. So here are a few tips to help get you going in the mornings.

• Set your alarm a little earlier than you would normally get up: this let’s your body know that there’s a little time to laze around and gives your mind a bit of warning that something’s about to happen.

• Revel in your “lie in”: don’t see this extra time as a ticking time bomb leading to an exercise session of pain misery. Look at it as a few luxurious minutes to languish in your bed.

• Start to frame your good intentions: remember that we move away from pain towards pleasure? Right about now your body finds the act of reveling in the bed about the most pleasurable activity in the world so you need to start changing that perception. Our minds can’t tell the difference between imagined and reality so it’ll believe whatever you tell it. So just start picturing what your body will become if you don’t get up and exercise! Think about how bulging, heavy and fat you’ll become but… on the other hand think how great it’ll be to feel so much power in your body.

• Start to move before you get up: having convinced yourself of the benefits of getting up to exercise, start to hum your favorite upbeat track – any bit of music that gets you excited and wanting to move. It could be Wagner’s Ride of the Walkyries or Mika’s Grace Kelly but whatever it is, it really has to mean

something to you. Then just start to move your arms and legs in bed where you’re lying. This adjusts your body’s sense of environment and starts to make you feel that you really need to be somewhere else to be doing this!

• Finally… Energize! When you take that last step to get out of bed, do it with conviction. As the clock ticks over to the point where you’ve decided to get up and exercise, where your body realizes that to keep dancing to that tune you’re humming it needs to be somewhere else, throw back the covers with excitement, leap out of bed with energy, plant both feet on the floor and jump with joy! Another day alive! Another day of opportunity!

Now you’re ready to start pumping up the body joy and really getting to grips with an exercise plan. Do you know what are the best kind of dances to lose weight at home? Once you hear the music you’ll have no option but to keep the energy up and if your partner is left in bed looking at you like you’re mad, hearing the fun you’re having with your home workout is more than likely going to encourage them to join in. At the very least, get them to start thinking it through... Even visualizing some energetic colors with healing qualities will start to change their mindset so just shout at them... "Orange!" or "Yellow!" and see what happens.

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