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Good Stretching Exercises For Ballet, Cheerleading And More
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It's a good idea to learn the best stretching exercises, whether you are a ballet dancer, cheerleader, or a fitness buff, or "more", meaning the rest of us. If you are retired and have joined “the rest of us”, you will remember when flexibility exercises were easy and felt so good. Not so even after a few months off!

If you are an adult ballet beginner or an older teen joining the cheer leading team, you also are asking what are the best stretching exercises for flexibility. How do you learn good ballet stretches that allow the improvement of balance, reflex, and help condition the muscles?

I am going to help you with this right now. What you are looking for is, a visual guide that:

  • offers a daily stretching routine with choices of exercises
  • offers hamstring stretching exercises
  • offers exercises for men
  • is a stretching exercises video (or DVD)
  • includes spine stretching exercises
  • leg stretching exercises, for ballet and cheer leading

Why Learn How To Do Stretching Exercises If You're Not Professional ?

Do you ever wake up a little stiff? Do you ever get a pinch in your back when you twist to grab something? Do you find that your golf swing does not feel as easy as it used to? Do you feel a constriction when you pick up your kids? Load the groceries in the car? Practice that backhand?

Life's demands only increase, especially if you want to keep doing more, and have fun. Especially if you sit on an office chair all day. In fact, office chair workouts are sometimes just the best thing to get rid of the neck tension, shoulder pain and low back pain.

A daily stretching routine is one that improves all those things mentioned above. And also improves your golf swing, your ballet turnout, your leg extensions, doing the splits and more.

When you type all day on a computer, you can avoid hand pain, wrist pain, and even carpal tunnel pain if you learn good stretching exercises early on. Oh yes, there are stretches for the hand, wrist, fingers, and neck/shoulder area that feel so good.

If you are over 50, over 60, or older, you can still learn muscle flexibility exercises. With excellent guidance, you can practice neck, upper back, shoulder, mid and low back, and hip exercises.

If you love to walk, you can learn how to stretch your hamstrings, hips, and calves, as you walk, and after you walk.

Dancers and cheer leaders and the rest of us can learn another style of anti aging routines. It is that of myofascial release, or a massage done with a soft sports ball. Fascia is the covering over our muscle groups. It can get tense and sticky.

Just as we feel good with muscle tension release, myofascial release feels like a big relief and allows our muscles to relax and stretch more.

To get a visual aid, a DVD, with easy to learn exercises, will improve the quality of your life. Something easy that you can learn at home, is life changing information.

I hope I have made you more curious about exercising and learning good stretching exercises.

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