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Healthy Running
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The conversation on running can cover volumes and does, in this series I have tried to open it up for the beginner and take them into a lifestyle of healthy running. This final piece we are going to talk about injuries and how to avoid them or nurse them when needed. The many benefits received from running or jogging are the result of physical applications of your body parts which in turn keeps them operating at fine pace. But physical activity does come with some pain and we have to be aware of the dangers.

Proper Footfall

Though we are all built with the same blueprint, the structural design, engineering, and integration of the parts differ—that’s just the way it is---and thus the machine performance differs among us. That is why there are pro athletes who perform at the top, and incidentally get well paid, and the rest who perform for health and to feel good. Generally speaking when developing your running stride it is heel to toe, that is coming down on the heel and rolling forward to the toe and push off. Coming down on the front of your foot can lead to physical problems. This advice is for the distance runner or jogging—the sprinter, quarter miler or short distance racer will indeed push off the front for speed.

Avoiding Injuries

In the previous paragraph we talked about the footfall, here I am going expand on its potential to lead to injuries. You can be a beginner or experienced, bad habits afflict us all at various times. All runners at one time or another will experience knee problems, shin splints, Achilles or various other injuries that can side line you for long periods. What can cause front knee pain? Many things that you should be aware of---we have talked about proper footwear—in the last paragraph we talked about heel to toe stride—running on the front of your foot for instance, can and will cause knee pain or shin splints. Rigorous exercise requires you to become familiar with your body structure and its limitations and needs.

Running Tips

Now that running has become apart of your weekly routine you will begin to look for new run opportunities, whether local or in travel. Always have a bag available with sneakers and running gear; it does not require a lot of room or effort. You can prepare for a half or full marathon with a six to eight week training session working up to the race – capped with a long run the week prior—8-10 miles for the half---15-20 mile for the full marathon. Many runners would use candy life savers and various other products for a pop during the race, I always took a vial of bee’s honey for an energy source and believe it worked well.


Healthy and happy running is a product of consistency in your preparation and loyalty to your routines. Whether three or four times a week, you become both physically and mentally dependent on your thing, the times that prevent you from completing a run, will at least be annoying. This is a good dependency that provides for a healthy and long living lifestyle that will bring many opportunities physically, socially and business wise. Many events that you can take advantage of are family orientated where your children will be cheering and wanting to join in your healthy running lifestyle. Confidence, less anxieties and a new aggressiveness will be noticeable to you and others sharing in this new larger world you have found.

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