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Home Workouts, Are They Any Good?
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Is there such thing as a "good" home workout? This guy says yes!

I have been working out for over a year now. I have spend the majority of that time in gyms lifting weights. I was pleased and happy with the results that I was getting. I went from weighing 140lbs to 170lbs in just a few months. Once I reached my peak I wanted a new challenge. I loved going to the gym and pushing myself, but I just wanted a break. A buddy of mine told me about the Insanity workout program. I decided to go ahead and give it a try.

I borrowed the DVDs from my buddy and got started. Day 1 is a fit test and it kicked my a$$!!! I thought I was in great shape, until I did the fit test. It pushed my cardio to a whole new level. Just the warm up had me dripping sweat. The warm up and fit test was about 35minutes long. It was the most intense half hour of my life. I was amazed by it. It was hard and exhausting, but I was excited for what was to come.

Day 2 was the same way. It was an actual workout that was about 45minutes long and when it was over, I was absolutely exhausted. Just drained of my energy, but I was feeling GREAT inside. I knew that this was going to be a great workout for my body. After two weeks of pushing your cardio as far as you can, it was time for the fit test again. Each time you do the fit test down you write down your results to keep track of. When I compared my results, my reps increased in every part of the fit test. I knew that this workout was having results just after two weeks. Plus my friends and family were able to see physical results. My waist had slimmed down some and my muscle tone had already increased. I was falling in love with this.

The workout was just an hour a day, max, Monday - Saturady. Sunday was a day of rest. The workout in total is a 9 week routine. After 4 weeks you have a cool down week in which you do a slow paced workout to regain your strength. After that begins month 2. Month 2 = hell!

Each workout in the second month had the word "MAX" at the end of it. I knew I was in for it then. The moves are virtually the same, just a little tweak here and there to make you work 10 times harder. Boy was it something else!

Before I knew it, both of my months were up. I had completed the Insanity challenge! It was entirely worth it! I had lost fat I didn't even know I had! I lost 2 inches off of my waist. I was slim to begin with. I went from a 32inch waist to a 30inch waist. My muscle tone increased greatly. I had muscles showing where I didn't even know I had muscle. My cardio more that doubled. The workout is 90% cardio which just did wonders for my cardio levels.

I'd follow up each day's workout with a protein shake and that was all I did. I devoted an hour a day, 6 days a week, and got amazing results. Spending 2 hours a day at the gym got me big, but spending an hour a day at HOME got me ripped!

So is there such thing a good home workout? In my experience, yes! Yes there is! I still love going to the gym. I've incorporated parts of the home workout into my regular workout. I do parts of it to get me warmed up before I head to the gym. If you are all for going to the gym, go for it! The gym is a great place to get in shape. You can also get in shape at home. It just depends on what you are wanting to do. I highly reccomend either one. I have had great results from the gym, and from my own living room. The choice is for you to make.

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