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How I Got The Healthy Hollywood Look
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"Man, that Brad Pitt has kept his looks don't you think?" My wife asked aloud absentmindedly the other day.

"I am still in the room." I said as she disappeared into the screen.  

I have been a fitness buff my whole life and I have metamorphasized myself into a variety of physiques over the years from hulking body builder (okay I may have just been overweight and really strong), the marathon runner (okay I was still a big man, but I did finish four of them), to mixed martial artist (think a leaner hulking figure with a resting heart rate of 52), but as I watched my wife ogle over Brad, I knew that I would be transforming yet again.  Not because my wife is superficial because she is not, but rather I am a bit of an obsessive-compulsive guy and I like to challenge myself physically.  

My wife was watching television and as I imagined waiting for the next preview for Moneyball.  I was already at the computer looking for programs that mixed the right fitness and nutritional information to help me in my transformation.  I figured in this day and age of Rich Uncle Pennybags (my nickname for Google) I would have no problem.  Wrong.  I had more choices than I could manage.  There were vegan diets, liquid diets, juice diets, and even something called the paleo diet.  Each one of them promised a lean physique and improved muscle development. (I am not sure how as I was always under the impression that muscle development was an active process.)  

Then I sought out exercise programs that would lean me up.  There were programs that wanted me to do high frequency exercise; some that wanted me to do one exercise a week, and others that were based on principles long since outdated. (Does anyone still lift rocks besides the Celts?)  

Finally, I came upon a program that seemed to balance diet and nutrition in a scientific manner that encouraged my ah-ha moment.  You know the one with visible abdominals and developed musculature without being swollen?  I watched the promotional videos twice.  Each time I gagged at how narcissistic the promoter was, yet each time I was quelled by the sound nutritional and exercise advice that was presented.   

I felt a bit foolish as I ordered the digital program that came instantly, but rather than allow myself too much time to analyze the sales tactics I just started the program.  Within days, I began to feel better and not too long after that I began to develop the look that I was attempting to copy.   

Six weeks later, no longer sneak peaks, but full fledged commercials for Moneyball came on.  Rather than ogle, my wife looked my way and said, "That Brad Pitt has got nothing on you."  

And a good program like this can work for you if you have a situation like my ah-ha moment.  

Thanks for reading.


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  about 1 decade ago
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