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How Middle Age Spread Affects Both Men & Women
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When I was a kid, I heard all the old folks talking about middle age spread, but really didn't give it much thought. Weight wasn't really an issue to a young boy with tons of energy to spare.

When I became a young man and started to be real concerned about the way I appeared to the opposite sex, it was easy to head to the gym and rip off a couple months of sweat to learn the best way to train abs.

As I aged, I settled into a more passive lifestyle, and the weight seemed to take on a life of it's own, until, one day I looked up and realized I had developed the dreaded middle age spread. And though I would never dare mention it, I noticed my wife had grown rather portly as well.

To be totally honest, middle age spread in men is different than in women. To men, it is annoying, since we still want to believe we are irresistible to the opposite sex, but to women, it is not that big of a deal apparently. She got her man, and she don't feel the need to attract any others. Who knows why. Still, what do you do about it, when all you really want to do is sit in the recliner and watch old Gunsmoke episodes?

I searched the Internet for ideas on how to build your abs and found a lot of good resources, but they all involved an awful lot of exercise and hard work. Now, understand, exercise isn't that hard when you have been doing it all your life, but I had not done a stomach crunch since I got out of the Army 35 years ago. I had to call the wife to come help me off the floor.

My exercise schedule looked like this. Day 1 100 stomach crunches (I completed 3) Day 2 100 stomach crunches (I completed 1 and then counted the number of ceiling tiles) Day 3 Took another long look in the mirror and convinced myself that I didn't look all that bad after all. Day 4 "Honey, Gunsmoke is on. Want me to tape it for you?

Her exercise routine Day 1 "Who you trying to impress?' Day 2 "Since your down there anyway, dust those bottom shelves." Day 3 "I made lasagna. Want some?" Day 4 I don't know. It happened to be a Gunsmoke marathon.

The point of all this rambling is to pose a question. How in the heck are us older people supposed to get into shape, when our body has begun to betray us. The energy level is so low that we catch ourselves in the mirror asking ourselves why we can't be bald, since combing seems to be such a struggle.

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