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How To Build Abs Fast At Home - Easiest Way To Do It
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How to Build Abs Fast at Home - Easiest Way to Do it

Men and women love to have a six-pack abs. They want to wear all those stylish suit and dress. I want it to. I’m tired with my beer belly that I got from late night drinking when I’m in my early 20’s. I was not able to reduced it because of poor eating habits.

I want to correct it and came up with this routine, “How to Build Abs Fast at Home”. I will share it to you in this article.

Lose Body Fat

In order for us to trim our tummy, we need to lose body fat first. Losing that body fat will improved your metabolism, which causes your body to continue burning fats and calories.

Eating healthy foods like fruits and leafy vegetables will help you do that. Apples, Papaya, Berries, Almonds, Avocado and Young Coconut are my favorite fruits that help me loss fat. There are a lot of recipe you can do and I usually mixed 2 to 3 fruits and make a healthy shake.

I also run a lot because it improves my cardio and at the same time loss my weight and maintained it. I usually do 5km run thrice a week, which is just right for my busy schedule.

Build Your Muscle

It is time to build your muscle. But don’t over do it. A six-pack abs is easy to achieved if you put all your effort first in losing body fat and maintaining your desired weight.


You can do this at home easily. Make sure to finish your stretching first before you do some crunches. Lie on the floor using your back. Bend your knees. Put your hands in your temple not at the back of your head. Slowly raise your upper torso towards your knees. Repeat this 10 times and take a 1-minute rest and do it again. Make sure to breath properly when doing this. Inhale from the ground and exhale when you are almost at your knees. This will flex your abs and after a few days, it will form an amazing abs.

Sit Ups

Lie on the floor with your back. Bend your knees and ask someone to hold it. Cross your two arms in your chest. Slowly get-up and touch your knees. Repeat this 20 times and rest for a minute. If you are comfortable with your initial target, you can add more challenges like 100 times in one go.

These are my usual routine. Currently I’m overweight and these activities are helping me lose tummy fat. “How to Build Abs fast at home” is effective because it fits in my schedule. I am still looking a lot of ways on how to improved it. Try to follow this and it will improved your result – a six-pack abs.

Street Talk


This is a great way of exercise. I would say the best way to get a six pack would to just have fun, be active, eat right, exercise, and do not get in to bad habits. Add some bicycle sit up to this and you would have an eight pack. I am thinking about writing an article about this, so be watching in case.

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