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How To Do A Diamond Push Up
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How To Do A Diamond Push Up

The push-up may just be the perfect total body exercise that builds both upper body and core strength. The diamond push-up is an advanced form of push-up where you use the shape of a diamond to push yourself off the floor. The diamond push-up is an advanced type of exercise because it targets a whole new part of your body. This kind of push-up is usually pretty tough for beginners who have not yet developed powerful triceps. The diamond push-up is an exercise that builds triceps and also helps to work the pectoral and shoulder muscles. Diamond push-ups takes a little time to get use to, but is great for any workout. I am going to go over how to do this exercise properly.

To do the diamond push-up bend over on your hands with your feet together. Bring your hands together so that your hands are under your chest making the diamond shape with your fingers. Push yourself up extending your arms away from your chest. Keep your back straight and then bend your elbows, lowering yourself to the floor. You want to lower yourself to the floor just enough so that you can push yourself up.

If you can only manage to go as low as a few inches that is fine because you will get stronger with time. Going farther than you are capable doesn't really do any good and do not bend your back or allow your hips to sag. If you are having difficulty with the exercise, you can move your hands apart until you are abler to complete a few reps. As you get stronger, move your hands closer to one another a little at a time.

If you want to take your chest and triceps muscles then diamond push-ups are the way to go. One way to make push-ups a little more dynamic is to choose a couple of push-up variations and complete a few sets of each. The difficulty of the diamond push-up is easily adjustable to fit your any fitness level. You should aim to experiment to see what works best for you. You might want to try decreasing resistance, you can do so by performing an inclined version of the diamond push-up exercise. By placing your hands on an elevated surface like a bench gives you a variation of the diamond push-up. Alternately, you can do this push-up exercise with you feet elevated off the floor as well.

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