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How To Shed Belly Fat With Body Weight Training Circuits
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How to Shed Belly Fat With Body Weight Training Circuits

Body weight training works.

It works for gaining muscle. It works for shedding fat. It works for young and old, men or women, beginner or elite athlete. Body weight training works.

Many people today are searching for the ultimate workout to lose body fat and specifically belly fat. While you cannot spot reduce fat with body weight workouts any more than you can with any type of training, body weight training circuits will accelerate fat loss.

What is circuit training?

Circuit training is a type of super set, where you link one exercise to the next in succession. You move from one exercise to the next and to the next without rest. You can link as many moves together as you like. If you want to shed belly fat fast, try body weight circuit training.

Why is circuit training so effective?

There are two main reasons to use circuit training in your workout plans.

  1. The first is that by design, you are getting an aerobic workout interspersed with anaerobic bursts. The aerobic benefit comes from the continuous nature of the routine. You are moving from one exercise to the next with elevated heart rate and breathing. You need to concentrate to maintain good form and continuous activity. It’s like running up a steep hill. The anaerobic bursts are the individual reps you are performing with each exercise. This really amps up the caloric burn.
  2. The second benefit to body weight training circuits is they address the full body. We will generally put together exercises that move back and forth between upper body and lower body and/or a pushing move and pulling move. This allows us to rest the particular area just worked while moving on to a new area of the body. Full body movements mean you are hitting the large muscle groups and generally with complex, multi joint moves. This maximizes caloric burn and fat loss

How to Design a Body Weight Training Circuit

There are three things to keep in mind when putting together a circuit workout.

  1. The first is maintaining a level of exertion you can tolerate. It doesn’t do any good to get so blasted from an exercise that you cannot continue without two to three minutes rest. The whole idea is continuous exercise but under control.
  2. The second is flow. You want to move easily from one exercise to the next. So if you are on the ground for one exercise maybe you go into another ground move before getting up. Or if you just finished a set of pull ups on the bar, move into some hanging leg raises from the bar.

  3. And the third is, as stated earlier, stacking upper body, lower body or push to pull sequences to allow rest of one area while working another.

What is an effective body weight training circuit?

  • Start with burpees and plyometric jump. 10 reps. This full body move will get the heart rate up and blood pumping.
  • Alternate Toe Touches. 10 reps. This allows you to moderate your breathing with a little active rest while you get some mobility work.
  • Down for push ups. 20 reps. An upper body and great core exercise. Many people do not recognize how much core stabilization is required for the push up.
  • Since we are on the ground, we’ll flip over for V Sit Ups. 10 reps. A real ab scorcher.
  • Stand up and do Lunges or Split Squats. 10 reps each leg. Back to the lower body. Complex leg movements like squats, jumps and lunges engage many large muscles and really burn it up. Big muscles burn big calories.
  • Finish off with an upper body pulling move like pull ups or horizontal rows. 10 reps. You are getting it done now.
  • Rinse and repeat. Yes move back through the entire circuit again. And after a few weeks you can add a third circuit. Twenty minutes of this would take you hours to duplicate on the running trail.

Body weight training circuits are highly efficient exercise. You can build muscle and burn fat simultaneously. Start your circuit training program today.

Street Talk

Interesting approach.

  about 1 decade ago

Circuits can really tax the cardiovascular system but you can moderate the workout by number of reps, speed of the reps, taking shorts breaks btn exercises, etc. There is a way for all levels to get started and get benefit

  about 1 decade ago
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