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Important Training Methods For Fitness Women
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In life you get 2 different kinds of women, they are fitness women and the next is women who wants to be more fitness wise in their life’s. If you fall under the first category maybe you can pick up some tips here otherwise if you want to be a fitness woman lets talk about some points.

Now every woman is different from the other because of injuries she picked up during her life………… certain workout programs may not work for her because of that injuries. Secondly………… you may not like the workout or you don’t feel comfortable with it, rather leave that program or exercise and try a different one. As a fitness women you can’t work on a program you actually don’t like, you will loose confidence quickly and after a while stop exercising also which you don’t want.

Good……………lets go on, now you found a program your interested and feeling comfortable with, set yourself a target were you want to see yourself in say 1 month or 90 days even. But don’t set your target to high for yourself which you know you won’t reach, you will only disappoint yourself and loose the positive thinking of a fitness women. Only when you reached that goal you were aiming for then set another goal and remember, practice makes perfect.

Now when only you have that in order lets look at exercise. Don’t just jump into doing every kind of exercise you think will help for fitness woman. Get a trainer or buy books in teaching you what exercises is working for what part or parts of the body. For example……… bench presses works mostly for you chest muscles but also your shoulder muscles. Choose your exercises carefully. Also think of what exercises will work for burning more fat and calories.

When you are a beginner fitness woman give yourself goals as well on repetitions your performing on certain exercise groups, meaning write down how many peck deck reps you performed. But do not over train which can result in hurting that muscle part. Write down your exercises and how many reps you performed and start slow, work your way up the ladder at your pace.

Stay motivated…………….. not all programs will work for you, use them and keep the best for maximum results. Work hard at your goal set and stay positive. Get a training partner to assist you and keep you motivated between exercises and you the same to her and remember to enjoy training, that is the only way you will keep positive as a fitness women.

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Hi edster! For many woman fitness is a big mystery...every page on the internet is full of big weeny man, with big arms and pecks...but 99% of women don't what to look like that..they just won to have lean sexy body..but there are not many programs that really can do that for them. I started a page couple a days ago..and will defenitly include some fitness exercises just for women! you can find the link for my page here on my S.A. profile...please check it out..would appreciate to hear your opinion! And of course i would love to hear your advice on women fitness..what should write about on my page?? Any ideas??

  about 8 years ago
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